A deputy was fatally shot as he waited at a fast-food eating place in California

by Lionel Casey

A sheriff’s deputy who changed into shot this week while ready at a quick-food eating place close to Los Angeles has died, authorities said Wednesday night.
Los Angeles County Deputy Joseph Gilbert Solano, 50, become shot within the head as he waited for food at a Jack inside the Box in Alhambra. He changed into off-duty and in civilian clothes whilst it took place, government said.

Someone inside the restaurant had warned him that he changed into being observed before the taking pictures Monday, CNN affiliate KABC said, mentioning Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

In a declaration Wednesday night time, Villanueva introduced that docs worked for 2 days to try to keep him, however, he’d succumbed to his accidents.
“The whole LASD Family has been shaken via the tragic news concerning the mindless and cowardly murder,” he said. “With a heavy coronary heart, and surrounded by Deputy Solano’s loved ones, I had to do the toughest thing I even have ever had to do — announce the passing of one in every one of my deputies.”

Law enforcement officials accrued to escort his flag-draped coffin from the scientific middle to the county coroner’s office.
“Deputy Solano changed into called a type-hearted and generous circle of relatives guy, an issuer for his mother and an exemplary father to his youngsters,” Villanueva said. “We are a better branch due to his selfless provider.”

Police arrested Rhett McKenzie Nelson, 30, within the taking pictures Tuesday. He becomes first of all held on $2 million bails, however after the deputy’s death, that changed to no bail, the affiliate said. Information on his legal professional become now not straight away to be had.
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