A Week In Washington, D.C., On A $forty five,000 Salary

by Lionel Casey

Welcome to Money Diaries, in which we’re tackling what might be the closing taboo going through modern operating ladies: money. We’re asking millennials how they spend their difficult-earned cash throughout a seven-day length — and we’re monitoring each ultimate dollar.

Today: a mission manager running in language offerings who makes $45,000 in keeping with the year and spends some of her money this week on Gatorade.
Occupation: Project Manager
Industry: Language Services
Age: 29
Location: Washington, D.C.
Salary: $45,000
Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $1,370
Gender Identity: Woman
Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,070 for one bedroom in a two-bedroom rental that I proportion with one roommate, my dog, and her cat.
Student Loans: $zero (I went to an inexpensive college and worked or had scholarships to cover the whole thing.)
Cell Phone: $50 for a pay as you go, provider,
Utilities: ~$one hundred forty for net, gas, water, and electric powered
Netflix: $0 (My roommate is on her family plan.)
MetroCard: $150 reimbursed through work, but I haven’t refilled in some time because I work at home ninety-five % of the time.
Insurance: $2 hundred
Pet Insurance: $35
BarkBox: $30
Apple Storage: $zero.Ninety-nine
Gym: $a hundred and seventy for a vast pass to a barre/spin/yoga studio
Additional Expenses
Costco: $30 yearly, shared with my roommate
CSA: $three hundred (Every six months, split with my roommate.)
Day One
6: forty five a.M. — Up and at ‘em! I’m now not typically a morning exerciser, but I’m looking to make the exception of my month-to-month pass and have planned more than one nights this week, so off I visit a 7:15 barre class after which to take my canine for a stroll. I get two miles off on foot in by the point that I frequently roll off the bed.

8:30 a.M. — I get started with work. It’s been quite the beyond a couple of days, so I cope with a few tasks and some reporting, then agenda some meetings for later inside the week. As I’m scrolling through Insta, I word a pal is having a hard time, so I message her and then ship $15 to her Ko-fi account. $15
eleven:45 a.M. — I recognize I forgot to devour, so I make a peanut butter and apple butter sandwich and pressure my decaf bloodless brew so I actually have it for today and the following day. I had to forestall consuming regular espresso because it turned into making me jittery, so that is as close as I get to real espresso nowadays.
2:30 p.M. — I don’t simply have something else to do, so I scroll some greater, make a contribution to my mom’s birthday fundraiser to round it out to a pleasing even variety, after which be aware a get dressed that I favorited on Poshmark is on sale. I’ve been searching out something to wear for a friend’s wedding that I’m officiating this fall, and I suppose this could be perfect. Right as I’m looking at it, my friend messages announcing she approves, so there I pass. $187.29
three: forty five p.M. — Take the puppy for a brilliant brief walk before calling a Via to get to Nats Park. I’m going with my pal, G., to Nats Night Out. The tickets came with T-shirts, so I get there early to ensure we get them before they run out ($6.25). Turns out I didn’t need to be there quite so early, but I do not mind. $6.25



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