American Airlines passenger disgusted after being served aircraft meals

by Lionel Casey

AN AMERICAN Airlines passenger turned into greatly surprised to discover his in-flight meal wasn’t as sparkling as the idea. After ordering a special meal, he observed the producing date – which said it was made sixteen months ago.

Traveling from Dallas to London Heathrow in advance this month, he changed into served the vegan crimson curry with steamed rice after soliciting for a special meal.

American Airlines passenger disgusted after being served aircraft meals 3

However, the production date found out it turned into made on February eleven, 2018.

He tweeted: “@AmericanAir, the ‘unique’ meal I received nowadays on AA 50 was seemingly prepared in February 2018 (1 year and four months antique).

“I might eat it if you have been taking me to Mars, no longer from DFW to LHR. You need to rethink this method.”

He later advised journey blog View From The Wing: “I became stunned so waited until regular service and requested the flight attendant.

“She went and brought every other attendant to apprehend/determine out.

“I defined my challenge that the meal became synthetic in Feb 2018, and this is June 2019.

“The second attendant took the meal from me and got here again.”

The team then informed him that the date changed into now, not the expiration date of the meal, and presented him the ordinary pasta meal instead, which he ate.

He also expressed worries about how safely it could be stored over the last 16 months while it got to the temperature.

An American Airlines spokesperson advised the blog that it turned into the “industry norm” even though they had been running to lessen meal manufacturing to simply forty-60 days to be served.

However, Nigella Lawson claims curries need to in no way be frozen for extra than three months.

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