Brooklyn Woman Says Cleaning Lady Trashed Apartment

by Lionel Casey

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn woman walked through the front door, watching for a tidy condo, however as a substitute says, she observed her domestic wrecked together with her cleansing woman intoxicated atop a pile of trash.

Genevieve Snow defined the instant her roommate arrived domestic to their Bushwick condo in August to find their maid in a drunken stupor.

Brooklyn Woman Says Cleaning Lady Trashed Apartment 3

“She sent me this picture of a female surpassed out on my kitchen floor, didn’t test to peer if she changed into respiratory, simply ran down the hall and texted me and asked what to do,” Snow tells CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge.

Snow said from the snapshots her roommate snapped, and she knew it became the cleansing female she had to allow in earlier that morning. She thought she made the appointment via Joanna’s Cleaning Service, an employer she’d used for five years.

“Two bottles of liquor here had been long past, vodka and gin, my spice rack become smashed,” Snow said. “Generally, everything turned disgusting.”

Police arrived and escorted the lady out but said that Snow had let her into her condo they couldn’t press prices, and they’d take the difficulty to civil court docket.

Snow says all she needs to be returned is $430 for the damages and a refund for the cleaning costs. However, the company isn’t cooperating. CBS2 attempted to accomplish Joanna’s Cleaning Service, which claimed it had no involvement inside the debacle. Instead, they declare it turned into a business enterprise with a comparable name.

“You’re accomplishing the wrong cleansing prov; we, we didn’t clean her rental we aren’t responsible for what passed off over there,” a person from Joanna’s Cleaning Service stated over the smartphone. “That is a completely different company.”

She stathere arere’s sincerely companies; Joanna’s Cleaning and Joanna’s Cleaning Service, neither of which has a cope with indexed on their internet site. Without a cope with, Snow can’t cross lower back to court docket to get her cash returned from both one if they’re undoubtedly separate businesses.

The proprietor of Joanna’s Cleaning Service claims a former employee took her data and began operating a horrific business underneath the equal name.

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