Camion Transport and Migros test

by Lionel Casey

Two greater battery-electric powered Mercedes-Benz Actros are operating in Switzerland: one for the logistics carrier issuer Camion Transport and another for the retail agency Migros. The automobiles are part of the so-called electrons “innovation fleet” to check heavy-obligation electric-powered trucks with customers.

Camion Transport and Migros test 3

The 18-tonne truck with Camion Transport is used to transport wellknown shipments for trade, trade, and enterprise in St. Gallen, at the same time as the 25-tonne truck in operation with Migros transports goods for grocery store branches inside the Zurich place.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros is on the road for Camion Transport, especially as a part of its sustainability project “Emission-unfastened to the City Center”. The electric truck transports the general shipment from the Schwarzenbach Camion metropolis hub to the close by St. Gallen micro hubs. The Actros is likewise able to flexibly serve other transport points inside the St. Gallen city area. The cargo is transported in a switch frame with a lifting platform.

Migros uses the electrons to deliver the Migros grocery store branches in downtown Zurich and the surrounding region from its distribution center in Zürich-Hordern. The routes pose exceptional topographic demanding situations for the vehicle (e.G. Mountainous terrain). The electrons for Migros have a container body with refrigeration choice, which may be used to move whole pallets of goods, including chilled sparkling items.

The alternative refrigerated box on the electrons used by Migros is the “W.KO COOL” version supplied by Schmitz Cargobull. It has the most suitable insulation for power-green transport of refrigerated goods. This sturdy body is ideally suited for in-depth everyday use. The electrically operated cooling unit capabilities are completely emission-loose and specially designed for distribution site visitors.

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