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by Lionel Casey

The UK care companies more and more, aggressively pressuring mothers to abort

July 18, 2019 (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) — A Scottish mom who ignored medical strain to abort her unborn baby has given beginning to a wholesome boy. Lauren Webster, 21 from Cumbernauld, who has formerly suffered from two miscarriages, was requested again and again by means of clinical team of workers over the path of her pregnancy if she wanted to abort her toddler after it became determined through a 13-week experiment that her unborn infant had a ‘bladder obstruction’, with a low threat of survival and could probably be suffering from a genetic sickness — Edward’s Syndrome.


However, Ms. Webster resisted all pressure to have an abortion claiming that she had a ‘gut feeling’ her toddler could survive. Doctors have been left shocked while her son, Ollie turned into born with no fitness issues in any respect, as his ‘bladder obstruction’ had controlled to correct itself and the analysis of Edward’s Syndrome turned into ruled out at an in advance scan.

Speaking to The Scotsman, Ms. Webster stated: “When I determined out I become pregnant I changed into very scared due to what took place earlier than. But I simply had an intestine feeling that this turned into my time. When I went for my 13-week scan, the medical doctor informed me he had a bladder obstruction. She asked me if I wanted to terminate, announcing there was a low threat he could survive. Every week she became asking me if I wanted to terminate. She stated she had to ask me.”

She added: “Everything they instructed me turned out not to have passed off. If a person else became to go through that revel in, I wouldn’t want them to terminate, because you don’t know what will happen.”

Bullied to abort

Shockingly, the difficulty of compelled and coerced abortion is turning into not unusual-location in the UK, particularly in clinical settings. It turned into stated at the start of this month that medical doctors told pregnant mother, Natalie Halson, to abort her daughter, Mirabelle, ten times after diagnosing her with spina bifida and claiming she might have a ‘poor pleasant of existence.’ However, Ms. Halson gave start to a wholesome infant woman and after a spinal operation is now assured that she can stay a glad and normal life.

Ms. Halson stated: “They made out like an abortion changed into my best option and explained that if I went ahead with the pregnancy my child might be wheelchair-sure and have no first-rate of life. [The pressure] turned into so insistent even after I’d repeatedly said no. But I turned into getting supplied a termination just weeks earlier than she becomes born that surely dissatisfied me. She became a proper little character at that point. It changed into vile to suppose they simply desired me to do away with her. I turned into offered an abortion at each appointment I had up till the day she becomes born — about ten instances in all.”

Ms. Halson delivered: “I could advocate to any mother and father who are counseled to abort that it isn’t the handiest alternative, no matter what the hospitals try to inform them. And constantly go together with your gut intuition; something interior instructed me that my infant turned into going to be OK — and look at her now, she’s best.”

Pressure from vendors

Despite healthcare professionals being advised to stay vigilant while screening for the stress of coercion surrounding abortion, a stunning 2016 Care Quality Commission (CQC) document exposed excessive-strain sales practices from one of the UK’s biggest abortion chains, Marie Stopes. The damning document, which compelled the abortion large to briefly droop half of-of its services, found that Marie Stopes facilities had been applying strain on girls, encouraging them to abort their toddlers.

One phase of the report discovered that medical institution staff had been being paid economic bonuses for encouraging women to undergo abortions. After the damning report was launched, one lady got here ahead claiming that her revel in with the abortion chain turned into in step with the record’s findings. She said: “I noticed several nurses and defined my scenario. I felt like they wanted me to have an abortion. The region becomes chock-a-block with human beings. It becomes like a conveyer belt. When I told them I did not want the abortion they accused me of losing their time. I was ushered out of the door 1/2-dressed and in tears.”

SPUC Scotland Director of Communications and Campaigns, Michael Robinson, stated: “The scandalous fact in the back of the veneer of desire, is that pregnant girls are increasingly exploited and compelled into abortion. Recent studies with the aid of the UK charity, Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline (ARCH) has discovered that 75% of woman clients nation that they had an abortion due to the fact they’d felt pressure from a cherished one. Whilst stress and coercion can come from a ramification of resources, intimate companions are the principal offender.”

He added: “The stories now surfacing of these younger girls who have been pressured to abort their children, display now not handiest a whole loss of compassion and care from a medical team of workers, but additionally simply how critically improper clinical workforce may be.”

Taylor Swift rolls out ‘Pride anthem’ showing Christians as dumb rednecks

June 18, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Pop celeb Taylor Swift is doubling down on her new social justice warrior character with the release of her latest track video, a full-blown LGBT anthem that depicts folks that preserve a Christian view of homosexuality and a biological view of intercourse as irritated, dim-witted rednecks.

NBC News describes the video for “You Need to Calm Down” as a “vibrantly colored, surreal” trek via a “pastel-colored trailer park, with anti-LGBT protesters being faced down or not noted by using the flamboyantly dressed stars” that “culminates with [sic] a huge foot fight.” Celebrity guests encompass Katy Perry, Ellen Degeneres, Ryan Reynolds, and Laverne Cox.

The video includes caricatures of anti-LGBT protesters as screaming rednecks with cartoonish hair and tattered clothes, bearing signs and symptoms together with “homosexuality is sin” and a misspelled “get a brain morans.”

“You are somebody that we don’t recognise, however you’re coming at my friends like a missile,” Swift sings. “Why are you mad? When you could be GLAAD?” (The reliable lyrics video spells the word “happy” with two A’s, a reference to the LGBT activist organization.) The lyrics also tell the straw-man model of Swift’s foes that they “would rather be inside the darkish a while” and need to “manage your urges to scream about all the human beings you hate, ’motive shade in no way made absolutely everyone much less gay.”

The video ends with text exhorting visitors: “Let’s display our delight by using stressful that, on a national level, our legal guidelines certainly treat all of our residents equally. Please signal my petition for Senate aid of the Equality Act on change.Org.”

The so-referred to as Equality Act could upload “sex,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity” to federal “non-discrimination” classes in “public hotels,” extend the definition of “public accommodations” to encompass endeavor, buying, online stores, health care offerings, and different styles of institutions, and force anyone using 15 or extra humans to understand they claimed “gender identification” and mandate transgender “get admission to” to contrary-intercourse restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms.

“Taylor Swift is one of the world’s largest pop stars. The fact that she continues to apply her platform and track to guide the LGBTQ community and the Equality Act is a real sign of being a best friend,” GLAAD director of skills engagement Anthony Ramos stated. “‘You Need to Calm Down’ is the ideal Pride anthem, and we’re pleased to see Taylor standing with the LGBTQ network to sell inclusivity, equality, and recognition this Pride month.”

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