Cleaning Services proprietor Susan Brown reflects on 30 years of commercial enterprise

by Lionel Casey

PLEASANT VALLEY — After extra than 30 years inside the house cleansing commercial enterprise, Cleaning Services proprietor Susan Brown is reflecting on her profession in North Central West Virginia and what has set her commercial enterprise apart from her larger competitors.

Brown started the business in 1986 and stated that her enterprise, which commenced out as grassroots as it could probably be, wasn’t something she had usually wanted to do. Rather, it changed into almost destiny.

“It wasn’t something I selected, it chose me,” Brown said. “I met someone that did this in Parkersburg. I went down to Parkersburg to work along with her one day, and I concept ‘Gee, this is easy. I ought to do it.’ So I made up fliers and began calling humans that I knew. … I got customers in that manner. I did the cleaning, and went out and did advertising on evenings and weekends.”

In the 32 years given that then, Brown’s commercial enterprise has expanded to encompass around 15 additional employees and a carrier area that stretches from Jane Lew to Cheat Lake.

While Brown doesn’t clean most of the homes herself anymore, she still trains each of her personal or even visits each new vicinity before her employees do simply to make certain the whole lot is at the up and up.

“There have been issues, but it’s simply human beings,” Brown said. “For instance, every so often we’ll stroll right into a residence and there is no water or electric powered, and we just do what we can. I pass into every house before my ladies ever even start cleansing so I know what the situations are … and so I am aware of it’s clean to get to and there are no roadblocks.”

One of Brown’s personnel, cleansing expert Phyllis Rumer, has been with the organization for 18 years and plans to paste around for as long as she will.

“First of all, I like this kind of paintings,” Rumer stated. “It’s fast-paced paintings, however, I like it.”

Rumer said that running with Brown on the grounds that 2000 has been a satisfaction and that she enjoys having her as an MD.

“She’s excellent to us,” Rumer said. “If we want a day without work or emergencies arise, she is familiar with. She’s honest.”

Over time, Brown has met and created a near working dating with many North Central West Virginia citizens and households and keeps to paintings with them.

“Most of my business is repeats and referrals, that is a bonus to be honest with you,” Brown stated. “I get most of my enterprise through referrals because we smooth well. We are accommodating human beings. … We’ve had a number of the same customers for 25 years. We’re now doing a little of our customers’ children’s houses. That kind of puts matters in perspective a little bit.”

While a lot of her customers are married couples who don’t have time to clean their very own homes, Brown stated that enterprise boosts in May while college students at Fairmont State University and West Virginia University flow out. Despite what she or her personnel can also find in the course of a cleaning, Brown said that the whole thing stays among them and the clients.

“We walk into numerous peculiar situations,” Brown stated. “You realize the word ‘What occurs in Vegas remains in Vegas’? That’s my mantra, as well. Whether it’s an object on a desk or mail or magazines, it’s a completely private, personal issue. We’re walking into private areas.”

In recent years, Brown said that the organization has been handling more “hoarders” than normal, mostly at the behest of the owner of a house’s youngsters.

“Lately, we’ve located a variety of human beings purging,” Brown stated. “Children will cross into their aged mother and father’ homes, and we’ll just paintings with them for a couple of days. While they purge, we easy. They’re getting rid of 30 years of knick-knacks their grandchildren gave them.”

In the 32 years considering that she started out the commercial enterprise, Brown said she nonetheless gets the identical delight from cleaning someone’s residence that she did in 1986.

“(The most profitable thing) is that I did an awesome job and turned into honest with humans, and I gave them what they asked for and charged them for this reason,” Brown stated.

Billy Anne Shepherd has been taking gain of Brown’s services for greater than 5 years and said that, with the way their relationship has grown over time, she’d in no way consider switching to a bigger corporation.

“They grow to be part of the own family after a period of time,” Shepherd said. “The teams that are available are adorable people and that they work though. … They actually do try to go away things in a perfect situation, and in a home like mine with 4 children, this is very tough to do. They’re top-notch, and they leave me feeling precise.”

Brown encouraged everybody else in her carrier region to offer her commercial enterprise an attempt the subsequent time they want a cleaning and said that her employees offer an intimate and personal contact that the bigger organizations by no means could.

“I would possibly do matters a bit slower than other companies, however, this is who we are,” Brown said. “I don’t want my name in lights. We simply offer service and exit and smooth for human beings…

“We’re personal. If they go along with ‘Company A’ that they see within the magazines or in vibrant lighting up at the marquee, they’re going to get whoever. If you lease me, you’re going to get a personnel carrier. I live here, paintings here and visit church right here. I see you within the grocery keep, and I guarantee you that I recognize a person you know, in order far as integrity is going, you’re going to get that.”

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