COPA for Kids flies kids across Okanagan

by Lionel Casey

More than two hundred kids flew across the Okanagan final weekend and got the threat to revel in the world of aviation.

The Kelowna Flying Club held the annual COPA for Kids Junior Aviator Program at the Kelowna International Airport in which Okanagan youths from ages 8 to seventeen took to the skies with pilots generously providing their time, knowledge and aircraft.

Participants of the occasion attended a brief floor school, wherein they discovered about airplanes and had the danger to invite questions, before taking to the sky for a 20-minute flight.

“The Kelowna Flying club has been doing this event for over twenty years,” said Doris Livingstone, occasions planner with Kelowna Flying Club and customer support agent with WestJet. “We’re one in all the bigger activities in Canada now.”

Livingstone stated the event is to ignite a passion for kids to take into account a career in aviation and to help remedy the low numbers of pilots within Canada.

“I’ve been doing this now for handiest three years. I’ve visible a few kids back every 12 months, and they may be set on being a pilot,” said Livingstone. “Even a number of my colleagues at WestJet had been introduced to flying via COPA for Kids after they have been children. There’s a worldwide scarcity of pilots. We feel it here in Canada, and America: anywhere wishes extra pilots.”

To date, the COPA for Kids program has brought over 23,000 young Canadians to general aviation.

The Kelowna Flying Club has supplied flights for heaps of local adolescents in its time organizing the occasion on a local stage.

It used to be that children have been handled as mini-adults, and now the pendulum has swung the opposite way and teenagers are being handled (and acting) as overgrown youngsters. You have in all likelihood heard approximately the harm of being a too extreme parent–whether meaning tiger mom or helicopter discern. Now you’ll be wondering what have to you be expecting of your child? The early life markers of independence–sitting, walking, potty education, etc.–get talked about loads, however, what is cheap to expect of our older youngsters is not as clean. Just what need to our early adolescent/middle college children be capable of doing on their very own?

I started out thinking about this from the youngsters’ point of view. That made me take into account the kid’s literature I grew up on. Many of my favorite books had been about younger humans taking rate independently–regularly away from their dad and mom. Let’s start with Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five collection. Beginning with Five on a Treasure Island, 5 cousins spend the summer having one journey after the next. There is home base wherein meals are supplied and the children test in, but the assumption of the adults appears to be that so long as they’re out in the fresh air, collectively, that they’re commonly great irrespective of what they may be getting up to. In the Swallows and Amazon books by means of Arthur Ransome, six youngsters are given permission to camp on an island in the middle of a lake. They cook dinner over open fires and cope with the neighborhood “natives” (because the youngsters confer with the adults) you got elements. Another famous instance of youngsters on a mission is From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by way of E. L. Konigsburg. It is about two kids who run far from the suburbs to New York City and who cope with themselves thoroughly. In a lot of these books, the children are supported via friends, cousins or siblings and variety in age between round 9 and thirteen. For me the common topics are that a) kids are generally visible as very successful and b) they get pleasure from in the opportunity to reveal how in a position there to take care of themselves.

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