Dixon residents react to viral photo of mother driving with children and pool on top of automobile

by Lionel Casey

DIXON, Illinois- A Dixon mom was arrested after involved residents observed she was using around with two children on the roof of her automobile (interior) of an inflatable pool. The picture has on account that gained national interest.

“When I read it, I idea it became a funny story before everything,” Arisha Hubbard says. “But then I read it, and I was like, ‘Oh no. They’re serious.’ Someone had their youngsters in a pool on the pinnacle in their automobile.”

Dixon residents react to viral photo of mother driving with children and pool on top of automobile 3

Police say Jennifer A. Janus Yeager,49, became using westbound on Illinois Route 2, just west of Palmyra Road, with a blue inflatable pool at the roof with children interior of the lake.

Officials say that Yeager drove into town to inflate the pool at a pals’ house and had her younger daughters trip inside the empty pool to keep it down on their domestic drive.

“Maybe a touch bit lots to get arrested, but it is kinda dumb,” Dylan Schmitz says. “Yeah, she just needs to strap it down with some twine.”

Yeager turned into placed below arrest for two counts of endangering the fitness or life of an infant and two counts of reckless behavior. Yeager became additionally cited for failure to at ease a passenger beneath the age of eight and beneath the age of sixteen.

“If I become the child that was on the pinnacle of the van within the swimming pool, it might be a blast due to the fact we’re moving, and we’re in a pool,” Wesley Betty Says. “But if you observe it from a discern’s angle like I am, then it is just now not secure, and you may get right into an intense twist of fate.”

Yeager changed into transported to the Dixon Police Department, wherein she changed into processed and released after posting bond.

Hubbard wanted to give her the gain of the doubt.

Who is aware of,” she says. “We do not sincerely recognize what she was wondering. Maybe she thought that’s what changed into satisfactory or (least) time-ingesting on time.”

It was once that youngsters had been treated as mini-adults, and now the pendulum has swung the alternative way, and teens are being handled (and appearing) as overgrown kids. You have probably heard about the damage of being a too severe parent–whether or not that means tiger mother or helicopter parent. Now you’ll be wondering what you must be expecting of your infant? The early adolescence markers of independence–sitting, taking walks, potty schooling, and many others.–get talked about plenty; however, what is cheap to anticipate our older kids is not as clear. Just what need to our early adolescent/middle school children be capable of doing on their personal?

I started thinking about this from the youngsters’ point of view. That made me don’t forget the kid’s literature I grew up on. Many of my preferred books had been about young people taking rate independently–often far from their parents. Let’s begin with Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five collection. Starting with Five on a Treasure Island, five cousins spend the summer having one adventure after the following. There is a home base where food is presented, and the children take a look at it. However, the assumption of the adults seems to be that so long as they may be out within the sparkling air, together, they’re generally acceptable no matter what they are getting up to.

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