Fast fashion: Britons to shop for 50m ‘throwaway outfits’ this summer season

by Lionel Casey

Britons will spend £2.7bn this summertime on extra than 50m summer outfits with a purpose to be worn best once, a ballot exhibits.

By a long way, the biggest extravagance is new garb for vacations, wherein clients splash out extra than £700m on 11m items sold for the trip, which will in no way be worn again, in accordance to investigate accomplished by way of Censuswide for the charity Barnardo’s.

Fast fashion: Britons to shop for 50m 'throwaway outfits' this summer season 3

Wedding guests spend a mean of £ seventy-nine. Seventy-six on a brand new outfit – nearly 10m of which can be expected to be handiest worn most effective as soon as.

The youngsters’ charity warns this is another instance of the massive environmental and economic impact of fast or throwaway style, amid growing issues that the industry is wasting valuable assets and contributing to the weather disaster. It is urging consumers to do not forget 2d-hand garb rather than handiest buying new outfits.

Javed Khan, Barnardo’s chief executive, said: “Choosing to buy ‘pre-cherished’ clothes for a special event way you don’t need to worry about bumping into someone carrying the equal outfit.

“It is also kinder to the environment and your wallet, getting greater put on out of clothes which might otherwise best be worn once and end up in the landfill.”

Despite problems on the United Kingdom excessive street, the style quarter has persisted in developing. The globalized supply chain has induced the proliferation of cheap apparel, with a quick turnover that encourages clients to shop for it. The reduced-charge online store Missguided came below fire these days for launching a £1 bikini.

A quarter of those questioned for the poll said they might be embarrassed to wear an outfit to a unique event along with a wedding more than as soon as, growing to 37% of young people elderly 16-24 however simply 12% of those over 55.

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