5 Overlooked Customer Service Tips That Will Ensure Repeat Business

by Lionel Casey

Before you can have unswerving customers, you first need to get them to come lower back. And then get them to come lower back once more – and again. Loyalty doesn’t appear on the first interaction and likely no longer the second. It’s a chain of predictable and steady stories that get the patron to come back again and sooner or later turn out to be dependable. They know what to anticipate. The “personal” their experience with you.

5 Overlooked Customer Service Tips That Will Ensure Repeat Business 2

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I frequently remind my customers no longer to confuse a repeat patron with a devoted client. That said, it does start with getting the consumer returned after the primary time. I connected with Michael Burns, chief revenue officer at Aventri, a organization that, in its phrases, “allows occasion and meeting planners create precious in-person stories, develop influential groups, and make bigger manufacturers.” Aventri has won more than one Stevie Awards for its remarkable customer service. While its commercial enterprise is thrilling, I became extra centered on what we can analyze from a Stevie Award winner.

Here are several of Burns’ thoughts, accompanied by way of my observation.

1. Don’t assume why your purchaser is operating with you: Don’t get cozy with what you realize approximately your customers. Their wishes will exchange over the years. What used to be vital might not be anymore. Continuously engage with your customers to verify you are giving them satisfactory service and preserving up with their enterprise. According to Burns, “The second you don’t must worry approximately them because they’re secure, you’ll lose that connection.”

2. Never neglect post-purchaser acquisition: One of my preferred sayings comes from my pal, the past due Dr. Larry Baker, who said, “The most abused client is a offered customer.” Many talks over with the consumer’s selection to do business with you as “remaining the consumer.” That couldn’t be further from the fact. Once the consumer decides to do business with you, that’s the authentic beginning of the relationship. It’s up to your whole crew to continuously show your customers that they made the proper decision after they selected to do commercial enterprise with you – the first time and properly into the future.

3. Train your whole team of workers at the client to enjoy: If you’ve been following my articles, you recognize I accept as accurate that customer support isn’t always a branch. On the opposite, it’s the employer’s subculture. It’s the philosophy of the management that permeates from the CEO to the most up-to-date lease. Everyone needs to study to apprehend this. No doubt, the individual in a warehouse or inside the accounting department may be trained otherwise than a person on the front line. Still, all people should be in alignment with the customer support vision. What’s occurring on the internal of an enterprise is felt on the outside with the patron’s aid.

4. Forget B2B or B2C – it’s P2P: If you haven’t figured it out, P2P stands for “human beings-to-humans.” That’s what business is all approximately – even online businesses. A internet site is constructed by people to be used by human beings. Burns’ take on integrating generation (like a chatbot or IVR) has to strike a balance among tech and people. I’ve seen companies grow so enamored with the era that they lose the human-to-human (additionally referred to as H2H) connection.

5. Give your patron a voice: Don’t overlook to give your clients a say in how they are handled. Done proper, they love to share their comments – each exact and awful. Consider a client advisory board or special activities for customers to meet and proportion in a public discussion board how they pleasant use your merchandise and services – and the way they think you can make them or the enjoy even higher. Here’s something important: once you get that comments, act on them. Asking for remarks and now not working on it frustrates both clients and personnel, and that’s the other of what you’re looking to obtain.

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