Flight facts from Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets display a lavish tour time table because the walls closed in

by Lionel Casey

Before his July 6 arrest, Jeffrey Epstein’s non-public jets crisscrossed the globe each 0.33 day, most customarily among airports near his homes within the United States and France.

INSIDER gleaned Epstein’s travel patterns from crowdsourced flight records accrued by way of avionics fanatics, who use specialized equipment to stumble on and record files that each plane publicizes at some stage in flight

Flight facts from Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets display a lavish tour time table because the walls closed in 3

The duplicate records display several worldwide trips, such as to the United Kingdom, Slovakia, and Morocco —now and again for just a few hours at a time.

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As newshounds and federal prosecutors turned the screws on Jeffrey Epstein over the past two years, the notorious cash manager and sex felon seem to have loved a globetrotting way of life that concerned weekly flights between his houses in New York, New Mexico, Florida, the USA Virgin Islands, and Paris, as well as occasional excursions to the UK, Slovakia, and Morocco.

This account of Epstein’s travels is based on years of flight records associated with his Gulfstream airliners. Without accurate passenger manifests, it’s impossible to recognize whether Epstein turned into the present on each flight. However, in the mixture, the flight facts illustrate an improbably lavish existence and raise further questions about how he earned and spent his fortune.

Most flights can be tracked in actual time by way of all and sundry in the international. Epstein, but, has long taken gain of a bit-recognized national coverage that allows the owners of personal jets to hide their actual-time actions from public view. At the same time, each aircraft must continually broadcast its specific “tail wide variety,” velocity, and present-day area using a gadget called automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast, or ADS-B.

Anyone with the proper (and relatively inexpensive) equipment can pick out up and report ADS-B signals from a plane passing overhead. Over a previous couple of years, lots of avionics hobbyists have submitted their records to the internet site ADSExchange, resulting in unique maps that display the paths of, in any other case, blocked aircraft, along with each of Epstein’s Gulfstreams. While the website online affords the records at no cost, its owner requests donations from commercial entities that make use of it. INSIDER supplied the sort of contribution earlier than publishing this article.

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