Follow the cash

by Lionel Casey

Traditionally, seizing guns has been the essential pillar of Indian regulation enforcement agencies’ strategy for combating terrorism and separatism. The concept became that without guns, there wasn’t much that militants should do to undertaking the Indian kingdom. The American strategy turned into totally one of a kind. They always targeted on the money that fuelled terrorist activity. According to the Americans, strangulating the deliver of finances asphyxiates the movement of terror corporations.

Perhaps, the methods observed using Indians and Americans had been the final results in their countrywide studies. Unlike India in which get admission to to guns is hugely restricted, in the US, the proper of the people to maintain and undergo palms is a constitutional suitable. Even so, if India’s experience in preventing terrorism and separatism inside the country of Jammu and Kashmir is anything to head by, there is lots of merit in adopting and incorporating the American attention on cracking down on the economic networks that maintain terrorist networks. In different words, it is virtually no longer sufficient for the Indian safety forces to double down on the kinetic operations to put off terrorists. Without dismantling the fear investment networks and the war financial system wherein terrorism and separatism have become the largest cash-spinning industry in Jammu and Kashmir, there’s no manner India will ever get a handle over the disturbing scenario within the country.

It is sincerely no longer sufficient for the Indian security forces to double down on the kinetic operations to remove terrorists. Without dismantling the phobia funding networks and the warfare economy wherein terrorism and separatism have to turn out to be the most crucial money-spinning industry in Jammu and Kashmir, there may be no way India will ever get a manager over the disturbing scene in the state.

Over the last few years, there may be an increasing reputation inside the security status quo that it wishes to position the war entrepreneurs out of enterprise. The NIA raids on the money laundering and terror finance networks heralded the brand new technique of the authorities. More than the kinetic anti-terror operations, it’s miles those NIA raids which have enthused regular Kashmiris who’ve subsequently started out seeing the Indian country goal the warfare marketers who’ve prospered and enriched themselves on the blood of the human beings of the country. For some distance too lengthy, unswerving citizens in Jammu and Kashmir have seen the separatists and their sympathizers and supporters, together with individuals who saved one foot in the separatist camp and the opposite inside the Indian camp, make the most of the battle.

The actual surprising a part of the phobia industry in Jammu and Kashmir became the reality that it turned into in component fuelled with the aid of companies of the Indian kingdom. A former intelligence chief has even written a book describing how the spooks paid cash to separatists to maintain them glad. This sort of a pay-off might be understandable, also justified, if in exchange the men being paid-off switched sides or as a minimum worked for the Indian state from inside the ranks of the separatists. But this wasn’t the manner it played out. If anything, they stored stringing the spooks along but delivered on not anything. While they saved getting the bills from the Indian facet, they were also plied with funds using the Pakistanis. Not best were these despicable paid, the Indian nation also turned a blind eye to their other activities – encroaching on public land, land-snatch from normal humans, building unlawful shops and buying centers, and giggling their manner to the bank, which as it seems was the government-owned J&K Bank which allegedly laundered their cash.

The current corruption scandal inside the J&K bank is most effective the tip of the iceberg of ways a whole atmosphere become built to undermine the Indian state and empower and increase all those who stood in opposition to the concept of India. Things had grown to be so bizarre in Kashmir that an awful lot of the anti-India propaganda became, in reality, being funded via the kingdom and ruling government! In no other united states of the world does this kind of a component appear, and yet in Kashmir, the most rabid anti-India newspapers, columnists, journalists have been surviving at the largesse bestowed on them by way of the authorities in Srinagar and Delhi.


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