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by Lionel Casey

Falcons on Fire: Three Student-Athletes Make FMS Sports History

Middle college athletics thrive at Frelinghuysen

As Frelinghuysen Middle School Athletic Director Marc Gold reviewed the effects of the faculty’s year in sports–a banner year at that, with five county championships–he observed three pupil-athletes each had performed on a championship group in all three seasons of 2018-19: Girls Soccer inside the fall, Girls Basketball in the winter, and Girls Lacrosse inside the spring.

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When he checked lower back via FMS sports facts, Mr. Gold showed that Braeden Siverson (eighth grade), Rachel Van Sciver (seventh grade), and Anna Rivetti (seventh grade) had executed something remarkable inside the history of FMS athletics. Their sports achievements will be identified at the Morris School District Board of Education assembly on June 24, 2019.

Braeden, Rachel, and Anna all had been quintessential to their teams’ achievement. FMS coaches Jake Cahill, and Carly Minerowicz offered a recap of their contributions to their groups:

Girls Soccer, Group 4 County Champions:

“Braeden commenced every sport for our county champion football group as the lone striker in our formation. She changed into our main intention scorer with seven desires and changed into a constant disruptive force for the opposing group’s defense. Anna commenced each recreation as a middle defender on our county champion soccer crew as a 7th grader. Our group had six shutouts for the season, and the handiest gave up two goals in a sport as soon as, with the others being shutouts or one-arm games. Anna has the honor of her teammates and her education for being enormously reliable in phrases of position and play; she will continually “display up” in the most significant moments.

“Rachel has become a critical defender as a seventh-grader for our county champion soccer crew after starting the season injured. Our defense turned into constant and consistent at some stage in the season, and Rachel was a key part of each of our six shutout games. She plays aggressively and competes daily.”

Girls Basketball, Group four County Champions:

“Anna started every sport for our undefeated county championship basketball group as a 7th grader at factor protects, averaging 7.5 points in keeping with the game. She also became a tremendous distributor for us on offense, and her teammates benefited greatly from her capacity to discover them with passes. Anna additionally played notable defense by way of shutting down passing lanes and forcing turnovers. During the third region of the county championship game, she took over and ensured a come-from-in-the-back of a victory. Her coaches and teammates understand they can count on her constantly.

“Rachel played in each sport as a seventh-grader ahead even as averaging factors in keeping with the game. She additionally performed outstanding protection for us and displayed incredible power in the courtroom. Rachel played her best sport of the season within the county finals and is properly reputable by every person around her for her hard work in exercise and games.

“Braeden commenced each recreation at protecting, averaging five.3 points per game. Braeden is likewise a wonderful defender who might close down the opposing team’s ball handler. Her aggressive spirit turned infectious as she might choose up the ball at half of-court and make it almost not possible for the opposite crew to attempt to run their offense.”

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