How Can Parents Talk to Their Kids About Cameron Boyce’s Death? One Expert’s Advice

by Lionel Casey

Disney Channel famous person Cameron Boyce, who had epilepsy, died at age 20 on Saturday after having a seizure in his sleep.
With the heartbreaking news of actor Cameron Boyce’s sudden death, a few dads and moms may be left thinking of a way to comfort their young kids after one of their position models dies.

How Can Parents Talk to Their Kids About Cameron Boyce's Death? One Expert's Advice 3

PEOPLE spoke to Dr. Elizabeth Murray — a PEOPLE Health Squad member and pediatrician specializing in pediatric emergency medicine and infant-fitness advocacy — about the most useful, age-appropriate ways to talk about the young superstar’s demise at home.

“First and important, loss of life from seizures to your sleep is rather rare,” Dr. Murray tells PEOPLE, regarding the 20-12 months-old famous person’s cause of loss of life. “The idea of a younger man or woman dying is startling to all of us because once more, it’s not so not unusual, but an infant will regularly fear it can occur to them.”

Dr. Murray explains that notable age corporations will take care of the actor’s untimely death otherwise. Older teenagers, who can also have watched Boyce on TV once they have been nine or 10, may additionally remember it as a form of “nostalgic loss” and be able to speak via their feelings. At the same time, children from a long time 7 to twelve can also consider that he died; however, they do not understand how to system how they feel about it yet.

“School-elderly children are honestly aware of the idea of death and that it’s final; however, they’re also at an age once they’re beginning to study and trying to parent out their emotions,” she says. “So for that age group especially, checking in to peer what their knowledge of the scenario is and what they’re thinking about it’s far without a doubt beneficial.”

When asked whether to technique a baby first or look ahead to them to come to you, Dr. Murray says it depends on the child and their relationship with the individual that died.

“In the case of a cherished movie star, you need to get to them proper away so that you have a bit bit of control over how the information is being shared to make certain it’s being shared sensitively,” she tells PEOPLE.

It’salsoy not unusual for college-aged youngsters to “personify dying,” keeping with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Moreover, the organization says they may imagine death as “the boogeyman” or a “ghost” and experience guilty about what took place.

Dr. Murray suggests reassuring your kids, so they know Boyce’s manner of demise turned into extremely uncommon and reminding them that they may be cherished and supported.

“You want to take what information you recognize and say we don’t have all the data behind his death because it’s non-public to his family; however, we do understand that he had a clinical problem that he becomes dealing with,” she says. “And despite everybody’s quality efforts, this is what occurred. However, it doesn’t mean that whenever you get unwell, you can die.”

“What passed off to Cameron Boyce is still very uncommon, and we all feel heartbroken, but we don’t assume or worry about the same aspect happening to you or your siblings,” Dr. Murray explains.

After a discussion, retaining a routine and letting your toddler speak up while they are prepared is healthy to assist them through the grieving method.

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