Hudsonville Ice Cream introduces dairy

by Lionel Casey

Hudsonville Ice Cream will launch a new range of dairy-unfastened desserts following extra than two years of recipe improvement and tasting.

Made with an aggregate of oat milk and coconut cream, seven vegan-pleasant flavors have been created: birthday cake, caramel cookie dough, cherry fudge, chocolate, mint fudge cookie, peanut butter truffle and s’ mores.

CJ Ellens of Hudsonville Ice Cream said: “We’ve continually been dedicated to making the quality flavours available thru our time-examined recipe, so whilst we started experimenting with a dairy-loose product, we knew the closing aim might be to create a brand new recipe that might be same to the flavor, texture and exceptional of our traditional dairy ice cream, without the dairy.

“Our group spent extra than years refining the dairy-free method, which nevertheless makes use of extremely good components and satisfies cravings for an indulgent dessert much like we usually have.

“We are kicking off this summer with the dairy-free line-up hitting shops with our homeland associate, Meijer, and we know it will soon end up any other fan preferred in freezers anywhere.”

The dairy-free range will be available in freezer aisles at all of Meijer’s 240-plus supermarkets in the course of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

Michigan-based Hudsonville Ice Cream makes more than 50 ice cream flavors, on sale in extra than a dozen US states.

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