Indian Railways withdraws new idea to provide head

by Lionel Casey

The suggestion was for the creation of head and foot rubdown offerings to be supplied in trains originating from Indore. When the notion came to the mild of the higher government of Western Railways, it changed into withdrawn.

Indian Railways withdraws inspiration to introduce head and foot massage services: After its latest idea to introduce head, neck and foot massage offerings in trains drawing grievance, the Western Railways sector has decided to withdraw the thought. According to the latest press launch issued by way of the Western Railway authorities, the suggestion for the creation of head and foot rubdown services to be provided in trains originating from the city of Indore changed into initiated by means of the Ratlam Division of the railway area. As quickly as the identical suggestion came to the light of better authorities of the Western Railways sector, the inspiration for starting the rubdown services in trains become withdrawn.

Indore MP Shankar Lalwani had written to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal criticizing the proposed circulate, calling it against the “Indian tradition”. “Is providing these type of offerings in front of girls in accordance with the concepts of Indian lifestyle?” Lalwani had asked in his letter to the Railway Minister. It isn’t always yet clean whether or not the choice to withdraw the thought changed into a response to the letter. Indian Railways were hoping to generate extra sales of Rs 20 lakh yearly.

Now, the Western Railways sector, in its endeavor to offer cozy and secure services to its passengers, has invited tips concerning different required passenger services in its trains. The authorities have additionally been apprised of the opposite various hints given by way of the representatives.

Earlier this month, the Ratlam Division had issued a letter for the provision of head and foot rubdown facilities to railway passengers in as many as 39 trains originating from the Indore railway station beneath the New, Innovative Non-Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme (NINFRIS) policy. According to the details, the message carrier became supposed to start within the next 15-20 days, but the service turned into now not to be available at some stage in the nighttime hours, that is from 22:00 PM to six:00 AM.

According to the details of the price listing of rub down services, the Gold rubdown using any non-sticky oil for around 15-20 mins was rated at Rs 100. The Diamond rubdown the use of any vital oil, cream or wipes for around 15-20 minutes was rated at Rs two hundred, even as the Platinum massage with any argan oil, cream, and wipes for around 15-20 minutes became rated at Rs three hundred.

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