Injured junior health practitioner’s cousin says kingdom money now not wanted for Paribaha’s remedy

by Lionel Casey

Injured NRS medical institution junior physician, Paribaha Mukhopadhyay’s cousin advised agitating junior medical doctors on the health facility on Saturday that he did now not want the authorities to endure Mukhopadhyay’s treatment fee.

Sanjit Chatterjee, a pediatrician in Howrah’s Domjur and a former scholar of NRS, become speaking to the medical doctors at the sanatorium in the morning. He said former students could boost money for the remedy.

He said the Rs 25 lakh government spends on clinical college students became the “taxpayers’ money and now not something that the chief minister spends from her non-public coffers”.

Injured junior health practitioner's cousin says kingdom money now not wanted for Paribaha's remedy 3

“The chief minister is giving the impact that she is funding medical students’ education, that’s incredibly objectionable. The fund is virtually the taxpayers’ money,” Chatterjee, who is in his 50s, stated.

The government spends Rs 25 lakh on every scholar to cause them to medical doctors, leader minister Mamata Banerjee had stated at SSKM Hospital on Thursday afternoon. “When they grow to be docs, in two-3 years, they depart… They leave after the internship, for private hospitals or outdoor.”

Chatterjee stated that the leader minister has no proper to invite medical doctors to vacate hostels — something she had touched upon at SSKM.

“Why is she asking college students to vacate hostels? It is an illogical statement. It is public money, and the leader minister has no longer made the hostel from her own non-public money,” he said. “The mindset is inaccurate, and the chief minister needs to come right here and meet the putting docs and find a way out. The head of the country should be extra compassionate.”

Chatterjee stated his cousin’s damage hadn’t resulted from a one-off assault. Doctors are “repeatedly attacked”, he said. “The agitation is a mirrored image of the pent-up anger within the health practitioner community because of repeated assaults.”

He thanked the medical doctors on strike for staging such a motion that created “a noise across the country and inside the international circuit”. “It is the fifth day of the strike; why is the leader minister taking so much time to take care of the matter?”

The absence of infrastructure forces junior medical doctors to work under a lot of pressure, Chatterjee stated. “Should docs wear helmets to defend themselves? Are we growing medical infrastructure in our hospitals or simplest renovating buildings?”

Chatterjee changed into a gift on the meeting of junior docs at the hospital’s educational hall to determine on meeting Mamata at Nabanna within the night.

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