Japanese wagashi master sculpts difficult pieces out of bean paste

by Lionel Casey

Junichi Mitsubori is a culinary rockstar in Japan, famous for his elaborate dessert sculptures known as “wagashi.”

The edible art shape is going lower back over three hundred years, but Mitsubori has introduced it into the present-day international.

“Wagashi is a conventional Japanese sweet. It’s more often than not associated with and used in the Japanese tea rite,” Mitsubori stated, talking in Japanese via translator Maiko Beare.

Japanese wagashi master sculpts difficult pieces out of bean paste 3

The creations are sculpted out of bean paste, glutinous rice, and sugar — but the revel in of consuming the dessert is set plenty more than the flavor.

“We have a pronouncing in Japan that something is to be experienced with all five senses, that it’s miles without a doubt a sensory enjoy — it is now not just about the flavor or flavor,” Mitsubori told CBC’s, Margaret Gallagher.

“It’s the identical way that a tea rite isn’t always simply purely about the instant of drinking a bowl of tea however the complete enjoy.”

In many approaches, he stated, the experience is supposed to reflect a spirit of hospitality and attention for visitors.

“[It] invites your visitor thru a spatial and temporal art that is not simply inside the item however is in … The entire area and time worried within the advent of that piece, which enriches the mind and the spirit of the individual it is being created for,” he stated.

Reviving the art

But Mitsubori said he fears the art is turning into lost inside the more youthful technology in Japan.

“Japanese children have come to be extra remote from traditional Japanese sweets in recent times,” Mitsubori said.

“Western chocolates are extra famous — cakes, cookies, and so forth.”

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