Kelly Is In A Fast Food Feud

by Lionel Casey

The R&B singer’s ex-wife went on TMZ Live this week and accused her former hubby of failing to pay toddler guide — yes, once more — and cautioned that maybe he have to “get a job at Del Taco” in order that he could repay his debts and deal with his kids.

That did NOT sit down properly with Kelly, who immediately lashed out at Drea Kelly approximately her remarks, and what she insinuated about his budget and capability to pay infant guide for their 21-yr-vintage daughter Buku Abi.

According to TMZ, Kelly believes that Drea has to take her very own advice — and if he’s alleged to get a task at Del Taco, then SHE can get her own job “at a burger joint” to pay her own way, too. Ummmmmmm OK!

The trouble on the middle of the feud here isn’t just he said/she said rapid food gripe: it’s that Kelly seemingly believes Drea doesn’t want him to pay child assist to assist Buku but as a substitute fund her personal lavish lifestyle. Now, legally talking, Kelly should pay to help his daughter till she’s 23 years antique, despite the fact that she’s out on her personal and success as a younger person already at simply 21.

The embattled R&B singer contends, then, that Drea is “the usage of child guide to funding her very own lifestyle,” and he’s calling foul on her Del Taco feedback for that reason — he needs her to pay he personal way, too, and not stay off his difficult-earned cash.

For what it’s well worth, Kelly’s lawyer Steven Greenberg — who has had his own, um, troubles these days — informed TMZ that the singer is unwell of being bashed by his ex-wife, and that “she desires to get a life.”

According to felony doctors, Kelly is on the hook for approximately $21,000 according to the month in child support — and he’s allegedly in the back of through about $32,000 proper now.

In other words — that is FAR from the remaining we’ve heard of this feud. And while Del Taco will hopefully no longer be worried a good deal longer, something tells us that Drea won’t stop beating down the singer until Buku turns 23… and Kelly will hold on taking the bait, and biting back.

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