London Dessert Festival Reveals Immersive Zones & Line-Up of Top Pastry Chefs

by Lionel Casey

Sweet teeth? Then you’ll be pleased to understand that the London Dessert festival is making its debut this year!

No natural food pageant, the London Dessert Festival will take you on a journey thru different experiential areas and scented themed rooms in an immersive two-day occasion at The Truman Brewery.

London Dessert Festival Reveals Immersive Zones & Line-Up of Top Pastry Chefs 3

Sweet stuff from some of the quality dessert manufacturers might be showcased inside four foremost immersive zones – chocolate, patisserie, frozen, and the vegan zone – where you’ll discover chocolate-tasting orbs, ice-cream flavor bubbles, candyfloss clouds, an ice lolly wall, and a sprinkle-stuffed pool.

As well as being able to try several creative cakes within the zones, you’ll also have the ability to participate in workshops and watch stay demonstrations from some of London’s top executive pastry chefs together with Helen Clark of P.F Chang’s, Nicolas Rouzaud from The Connaught Hotel and Great British Bake Off Contestant Dan Beasley-Harling.

Here’s what to anticipate from every dessert area:


Taste ice-cream flavored bubbles, revel in a wall manufactured from ice lollies, and enjoy a ceiling of raining sprinkles in this region dedicated to all things frozen. Decked out with colorful types of vinyl and dashes of sprays, this zone can pay homage to anybody’s favorite ice-bloodless treats. There can be nitrogen ice cream in specific flavors, a dedicated topping station, and new treats from several of London’s most excellent dessert brands.


Venture right into a pretty crimson creation as though on foot into sweet land. A massive doughnut wall will set the theme, a colorful overhead display of piñata baked items, and baking utensils scented with cinnamon and cookie dough. Bountiful cherry blossoms will even embellish the space.


Here you’ll discover a massive melting chocolate wall and chocolate-infused tasting orbs. A silver foil installation might be overhead to mirror the unwrapping of chocolate, and there could be a complete foil chocolate wrapping room included in the vivid cloth. Plus, four of the best chocolatiers can be showcasing their newest creations.


Step into Eden, a lawn setting with an indoor area and outdoor terrace. Serving only vegan delights, this sector will characteristic lots of lush greenery to reflect the subject of dairy-free deliciousness.

The London Dessert Festival has also found out an exciting line-up of participating brands, each of for you to be serving a delicious variety of fanciful creations from freak shakes and bubble waffles to cookie dough and cocktail-flavored sorbets. The line-up consists of:

All-Star Lanes Kitchen Miki’s Paradise

  • Amor Mini Cakes Nostalgia
  • Brooklyn Cakery London Poptails through LAPP
  • Dees Basement Sesame Kingdom
  • Just Because of Treats Skrambol
  • La Suite Hotel / Cafe Forty One Sweet Doris
  • Le Soy Ltd The Barnes Pancake Company
  • Lokma of London The Sunny Spoon
  • Mallow & Marsh Wheel cake Island
  • Maize & Grace Yoga and
  • Me You Meringue

Plus, there’ll be even more fabulous desserts to try in the Festival Village. If you want your puds, that is undoubtedly no longer one to miss, don’t inform your dentist…

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