Morgan’s Recipe Series: Dobie’s Baked Beans

by Lionel Casey

MADAWASKA, Maine — Red, white, and blue, it’s time for a Fourth of July barbecue! Do you understand what you’re going to take to that potluck, or what you’re going to prepare dinner to wow your pals as you host the pleasant Fourth of July party the Valley has seen? No? Don’t worry, this Texas lady has got you protected. Remember, I come from a country wherein barbecue isn’t just a cook-out; it’s a meals group.

Morgan’s Recipe Series: Dobie’s Baked Beans 3

Down in Texas, the Fourth of July isn’t much more exclusive than it’s far up here. There are nonetheless fireworks, bonfires, beers, and watermelons; a circle of relatives, buddies, and associates you kindled a friendship with at that block birthday celebration. What is exclusive? The food. But I have it on precise authority that the following recipes are some that even conventional Acadians are favorable to like.

First up, we’ve got Dobie’s baked beans. Now, these are easy. The recipe comes from my Aunt Joni Wagner, who has been referred to as Dobie via many on account before I can bear in mind. She made these heavenly beans at her former eating place in Ashgrove, Missouri, a city over from where Little House on the Prairie became filmed.

Also born a Texan and transplanted to some other country, Dobie does not allow her Texas facet to fade far from who she is as someone. Deep-rooted in her Southern cooking ways, Dobie in no way measures something — a trait she found out from Granny, my top notch-grandmother.

“Just do it ’til it looks right,” she would say as I attempted to make food to feed the hundreds at her eating place for Sunday dinner. I would then argue that you can’t anticipate it to come out the same for everyone if there aren’t any measurements. So that is how we measure the substances for Dobie’s baked beans (translation to follow):

You will want to grease a pan, one big can of baked beans with the juice mostly drained off, a small bottle of ketchup, and add simply sufficient to make the beans look reddish-brown. You upload about 1/2 a minor package deal of brown sugar and finally, put some chopped bacon on the pinnacle, but make sure it’s far chopped and now not whole, “in any other case, someone will dip into it and take an entire piece of bacon. Chop it so this manner; it’s far fair.” Then you put it in the oven heated to 425 tiers Fahrenheit until the bacon blackens on edge to provide it “the proper taste.”


For an available batch, you may want:

— A greased pan
— A gallon of baked beans
— sixteen-ounce bottle of ketchup (you will use the whole thing)
— 2 cups of brown sugar
— About five slices of bacon (not the turkey kind, trust me) break up, so “it’s far fair.”

You will need to:

— Preheat the oven to 425 F
— Add the primary three ingredients together and stir
— Place the cut bacon, so it covers the pinnacle
— Bake it uncovered for an hour (however critically, maintain it in there till the bacon on the rims blackens)
— Let it cool earlier than serving as it might be exquisite warm

This recipe is immediately from Granny and will make approximately 20-25 servings. The quality a part of this delicious, crowd-pleaser is that each batch prices around $7. That’s about 35 cents a serving, making this recipe a summer achievement. For this recipe but, I used 4 20 ounces. Cans of baked beans because that turned into what I observed at the store. Just make sure you modify the recipe accordingly, and “just do it ’til it seems proper.”

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