Need Hassle-Free, Trustworthy Cleaning?

by Lionel Casey

For the most component, Egyptian households depend considerably on external help for housecleaning and chores. This is sparked by using not best a loss of time to do one’s cleaning but a vast discrepancy in education which has left family management as ‘responsibility of ladies.

Moreover, navigating the informal area for finding and hiring assistance is a harrowing ordeal, regularly leading to a lack of confidence, inconsistency, and fundamental dissatisfaction.

Need Hassle-Free, Trustworthy Cleaning? 3

Jinni Services, a cleansing business enterprise imparting residential and commercial cleaning services, is available.

We were founded by Mostafa Ghannam and Alaa Shams, a married couple; the carrier pursuits to provide a premium, easy and efficient provider to clients and ensure the rights and paintings conditions of the housekeepers.


Jinni’s story commenced in December 2016, while Ghannam and Shams were moving homes but could not locate assistance in the post-flow cleaning or the daily cleaning obligations. This became further acerbated by using the lengthy collection of disappointments. The couple felt like they had to sacrifice excellent trustworthiness, punctuality, or lack of commitment to ensure their domestic might be clean.

Realizing this turned into an everyday ordeal, they started imagining the skeleton in their eventual company.

”What if we had a place or an enterprise in which you may get something to come back to you with one click? This is also where the call came from; we imagined the idea of rubbing a lamp, so a genie appears and presents you your wishes,” explains Shams.

”We had been seeking out someone professional and cheap who knew precisely what they would be doing and the way to do it without me wanting to say so,” she keeps.

In their quest and studies, they discovered that businesses provided cleaning carriers, but it became a pricey carrier. In one case, they realized that the housekeeper cleaned one meter for 20 EGP. They would want to be paying 4000 EGP to easy a residence every available consultation.

This resulted in broadening the scope of their seek and considering a specific section: resort group of workers.

”We found out that, due to the problems tourism, many humans operating as resort housekeeping had misplaced jobs. We reached out to someone running in inns, a housekeeping executive supervisor, and through him, we had been able to get entry to housekeepers who worked in five-star accommodations. We tried the idea with attempted with friends and friends of pals,” enthuses Shams.

”The call for becoming better than anticipated, so we launched within the marketplace.”


Currently, Jinni gives four important offerings: regular cleaning, deep cleansing, circulate-in cleansing, and seasonal cleansing which all range in expenses and rely on space.

For a regular cleaning go to, 6 hours of labor can start at 230 EGP (for less than two hundred meters) and 410 EGP (from two hundred to four hundred meters). As for deep cleansing, it costs 10 EGP per meter.

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