Spirit of the Entrepreneur: Maid Valet: A Cleaning Company

by Lionel Casey

VALDOSTA — Being an entrepreneur isn’t usually accessible, and all of us do it differently. Some open online stores at the same time as others empty brick-and-mortar storefronts.

Some pass all in and make investments their lives into a brand new undertaking, while others start a new business as something to do on the side. Regardless of the sort, marketers assist force the neighborhood economy.

Spirit of the Entrepreneur: Maid Valet: A Cleaning Company 3

Jorge Valdez and Michelle Valdez, owners of Maid Valet: A Cleaning Company, started their commercial enterprise in 2010 in Atlanta, but for Jorge, the dream of opening a commercial enterprise commenced while he became 17.

Jorge and Michelle met each other through work. Both had been working in dentistry when they started out courting. After becoming pregnant with their soon-to-be-9-year-antique daughter, Rebecca Valdez, Jorge approached Michelle about the concept of opening a cleaning carrier.

Michelle said she turned into surprised her husband requested to make any form of trade. She stated Jorge is the type of man or woman to order identical meals every time he is going to a restaurant.

Because of Jorge’s traditional reluctance to change, she requested if he had researched beginning a maid service. Michelle said she became amazed while Jorge produced books, articles, and a slew of different materials.

Michelle knew Jorge turned into severe and agreed to apply her 401k to assist “infant” the commercial enterprise until it can stand independently. And while the time was proper, she could retire from dentistry and join Jorge in strolling the business.

The time for Michelle to retire got here in 2013 when the husband and wife determined to move their enterprise to Michelle’s fatherland of Valdosta for a couple of reasons.

“We moved right here for business and to be in the direction of own family,” Jorge stated.

“There becomes a want within the marketplace for it here,” Michelle stated. “It becomes going well up there. However, we saved listening to the want for every other bonded, reputable cleansing corporation. We looked into it and saw that there had been want and it’d be worthwhile. And, of the path, my mom has been seeking to get us to come lower back here considering that Rebecca became born.”

Starting in Brooks Country, the 2 rebuilt their commercial enterprise in South Georgia out of their home.

They determined to take Maid Valet to the next level in 2018 using starting an office space for the corporation.

“That turned into always our goal,” Michelle stated. “To have an area with a pleasing presentation and to have a sign. … We want to exceed expectations and display human beings what we are all approximately.”

“Most people don’t think about a cleaning vicinity as having its very own office,” Jorge stated. “They just have a garage unit to keep their substances in. We take pride in our work, and we need to set our services aside.”

To preserve their business separated from the gang, Maid Valet’s most effective plays services the organization has been educated and licensed to carry out through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

“Whenever we step into a domestic to do an activity, we need to recognize a way to do the task, and no longer just make money,” Jorge said.

Maid Valet is working on certifications for mold elimination, air ducts, and water recovery.

“There are human beings that we easy for which have allergic reactions,” Jorge stated. “We smooth the dirt, and that is why we are going into air duct services. It makes your home more healthy.”

To use their capabilities for the community, Jorge and Michelle are part of the Cleaning for a Reason organization.

Cleaning for Reason companies offers unfastened cleanings to human beings undergoing most cancers treatment.

“We just try to help them while they’re going thru a difficult time,” Jorge said.

“I had my grandfather die of cancer,” Michelle said. “This is a manner of supporting a person who is going thru a tough time and liven up their day a bit bit.

“I know when my grandfather had most cancers, it changed into terrible because he couldn’t do anything. That’s why we determined to do it. We had been blessed so much. We try and assist people in a small way.”

For Jorge and Michelle, becoming marketers got here down to following Jorge’s dream to open a cleaning carrier and his preference to build an existence for Rebecca.

“Dreaming is cool; however, I don’t accept as true within people simply dreaming approximately stuff,” Michelle said. “You have to position it into motion. It hasn’t continually been smooth. There have been times wherein I idea this turned into a mistake.”

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