St Vincent de Paul cleansing organisation set up after you have contract of works

by Lionel Casey

The enterprise which has been handling all cleaning services on the government’s St Vincent De Paul facility for over three years, and paid millions of euros, did now not even exist on the time it changed into tasked to do the paintings, the Times of Malta has learned.

As Active Ageing Parliamentary Secretary Anthony Agius Decelis continues to keep away from questions on the multi-million direct orders, which have been issued again and again by way of the government for the duration of the past years, the Times of Malta observed that no gentle has ever been issued to X-Clean Ltd and the choice of the man or woman tasked with the process was made at once by means of the then Family Affairs Ministry.

Last week, this newspaper mentioned that X-Clean Ltd, answerable for the cleaning services at the government’s vintage humans domestic, is being paid over €300,000 a month for its services.

In breach of public procurement policies, the authorities have renewed the purchase of the cleaning offerings at once from X-Clean every few months for the beyond three years and no new soft become issued.

Times of Malta is informed that Denis Xuereb, from Naxxar, was tasked with providing cleaning offerings at the facility on account that April 1, 2015, on the instructions of the ability’s CEO Josianne Cutajar. The decision to select Mr. Xuereb changed into taken by the Family Affairs Ministry led by using Michael Farrugia without any name for tenders.

It becomes only an afternoon after, on April 2, 2015, that X-Clean became formally registered by using the registry of companies with Mr. Xuereb appearing as its sole director.

X-Clean is owned through every other cleaning corporation, Crystal Clean Ltd, registered a few months in advance and owned by using Kristina Xuereb, additionally from Naxxar.

So a long way the company has never supplied its accounts according to the regulation.

Times of Malta is knowledgeable that despite the unique direct order to X-Clean was meant to final for the best six months – the most approved by using law – in order that a right new tender will be issued and evaluated, the anticipated gentle changed into in no way published and Mr. Xuereb’s organization is still having his direct order renewed to at the moment.

The newspaper is likewise informed that although originally Mr. Xuereb became getting less than €200,000 a month for the paintings, payments have swelled significantly in the last months, surpassing the €three hundred,000-a-month invoice.

Asked repeatedly to explain why a soft was by no means issued for this multi-million contract, who selected Mr. Xuereb and his organization and on what criteria and whether or not these services had been being procured in keeping with law, Parliamentary Secretary Agius Decelis, who took over from Dr. Farrugia, is refusing to reply, notwithstanding repeated reminders.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, who become also copied in with the questions, as his ministry is meant to supervise public procurement, also declined to present comment.

Since April 1, 2015, Mr. Xuereb’s business enterprise received millions in payments from the authorities.

“It is pretty clear that there is something very dodgy occurring at St Vincent De Paul because it isn’t always normal to have such offerings procured every few months through an instantaneous order,” sources acquainted with St Vincent de Paul said.

“Also, X-Clean will also be imparting tons greater than cleaning offerings to the power as cleansing on my own does now not justify payments of over €three hundred,000 a month,” the assets stated.

St Vincent De Paul has been within the headlines in the beyond weeks as a €60 million softs for the supply of meals and a new kitchen at the facility ended up as a 500-bed extension for which the authorities are splashing out €274 million to James Caterers and a subsidiary of the Seabank DB institution.

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