This S’porean Is Sweeping In $4M

by Lionel Casey

Most, if now not all, mothers have this guilt approximately leaving their kids at the back of paintings.

Fifty one-12 months-antique Lily Foo, a mother of 4, is no exception.

She did not fancy the concept of hiring a helper to attend to her youngsters, so she ended up quitting her 9-five process as an amount surveyor.

This S'porean Is Sweeping In $4M 3

When she became a stay-domestic mom, she realized that household chores could be pretty overwhelming.

I wanted I had a person to help do the housework for me. I felt there had been probably different human beings [who faced the same situation as me], so I decided to run a small-scale advert hoc domestic cleaning enterprise that [would offer me] a few side incomes.

She pumped in approximately $five 000 to kickstart the commercial enterprise — simply enough to rent the first few employees to begin imparting cleansing services.

But it wasn’t even a longtime business enterprise in keeping with se, she asserted.

The casual commercial enterprise didn’t have a company name, only had a “handful of the workforce”, and relied closely on phrase-of-mouth and flyers to the marketplace itself.

Moving From Offline To Online

Thanks to the small commercial enterprise capital, the corporation handiest took a yr to interrupt even, but earnings reaped had been continually reinvested into the employer to grow it similarly.

Fast forward ten years, the home cleaning business has on account grown right into a complete-fledged organization with six exceptional enterprise arms.

She humbly credits the success to her eldest son, a Stanford graduate, for pushing her to take her business enterprise to extra heights.

[He] cautioned me to apply digitization to scale the business. He had visible it because of the direction forward for small groups inside the US. He instructed me that he believed I might want to “borrow” some matters from pinnacle tech businesses and take what I needed to the following level.

“I was hesitant to accept as true with him at first because it all appeared quite remote, and we had just been a small outfit for goodbye. However, I turned into willing to give it an attempt.”

She first settled on an organization call for her home cleaning business, calling it Homefresh.

She then acted on her son’s advice and created an internet site in 2014, which she defined as a “fundamental step to digitization”.

After setting up an online presence, she turned to virtual advertising on Google Adwords to ‘up’ her advertising and marketing sport.

It becomes a massive achievement, to mention the least, as the advertisements produced a go back of more than eight instances of the cash spent on the marketing campaign.

“It got us results straight away due to the fact we were one of the first workplace cleansing groups in Singapore to run Google ads at the time. We started growing at a miles faster pace [and] quick realized that [the] digital advertising [approach] became a winning component,” said Lily.

Growing To A Stable Of 6 Brands

Lily then took this strategy to extend into other adjoining verticals, including workplace cleaning, carpet and fabric cleaning, air conditioning servicing and upkeep, marble, and parquet polishing, in addition to pest management. All those numerous brands — a combination of B2B and B2C businesses — now fall below the Luce Maintenance Group umbrella.

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