Ways to Eliminate Customer Service Friction

by Lionel Casey

It’s been a while due to the fact I mentioned the concepts of friction and convenience. Our clients have discovered what it’s like to have a friction-loose, no-trouble, convenient enjoy. They love doing enterprise with the companies that make it smooth. If it’s clean to replace businesses, they may be short to switch while the enjoy is less than convenient.

Ways to Eliminate Customer Service Friction 3

Perhaps the most significant friction factor of all with customers is making them wait and disrespecting their time. I lately shared the stage with Jeff Nicholson, global head of CRM for Pegasystems, at the PegaWorld users convention in Las Vegas. Our dialogue turned into all approximately disposing of friction, especially inside the customer service international. Positioned, to stay aggressive, we must make matters less difficult for the customer. So, here’s a listing of areas with possibilities to do away with friction and displeasure for the purchaser:

Duration: How long do we make customers wait? It might be on the preserve for customer service or in the ready room of a physician’s workplace. Waiting is friction. Wasting our purchaser’s time is friction. That little recording you hear while you’re on preserve ought to say, “Your name is NOT without a doubt that essential to us. Otherwise, we would not make you wait!”

Memory: I’m continually annoyed after I call a customer support quantity that I’ve referred to as inside the past and ought to retell my story. The same is going for once I’m transferred to any other individual. There is not any cause for this. Employees need to be armed with information approximately the consumer’s beyond calls, purchases, and every other interaction they’ve had with the employer. Making a patron repeat their tale is a waste of time. It’s fiction!

Consistency: Consistency isn’t always the hassle. It’s a lack of consistency. Specifically, I’m referring to inconsistent facts. One day I called my cell company with a question about a worldwide calling plan. I was not too fond of the answer I got, so I referred to it as returned, and a specific agent gave me a unique solution. My assistant requested me which plan I notion turned into correct. I jokingly stated, “the one with the decrease fee.” Inconsistent statistics derails self-assurance and consideration.

Empowerment: When we talk about empowerment, we typically relate to empowering employees to take care of the consumer. In this example, it’s empowering the patron to take manipulate in their state of affairs. Self-service equipment is an effective way to attend to the customer’s questions and troubles speedy and correctly. Customers like an excellent self-service solution.

Proactiveness: With trendy technological talents, why should a consumer reach out for assistance, to begin with? In many instances, agencies can realize a consumer is having troubles before the consumer does. Predictive help will quickly come to be a purchaser expectation.

In truth, there are plenty of methods we will take away friction for our customers. The above listing is a reminder of the maximum painful factors of conflict, meant to give you a concept of wherein to start. So, take a look at your enterprise. Listen to your personal and, most significantly, your clients. Where do they encounter friction? And what are you able to do to get rid of that? Give your clients the enjoyment they expect and deserve—one which is straightforward, handy, and friction-unfastened.

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