Chef Mila from ‘Below Deck Med’ Licked Guests’ Food

by Lionel Casey

Chef Mila Kolomeitseva’s first episode of Below Deck Mediterranean might also have gone from terrible to worse. Her debut at the display was speculated to be promising. A female chef educated at Le Cordon Bleu set her up for hopeful success.

Unfortunately, she faced several challenges. She was ranging from being infected with meal poisoning to developing a menu that could be masterfully organized using an 8th grade home economics class.

Chef Mila from ‘Below Deck Med’ Licked Guests’ Food 3

Captain Sandy Yawn became genuinely involved while she noticed taco preparations from a container being readied for visitors. But cameras (and Twitter) caught something else Kolomeitseva did that raised some extreme concerns.
Why (within the global) did she do this?

The precise information is Kolomeitseva tried to put together steaks for the visitors. The awful news is she now not handiest licks the uncooked meat; she microwaves the steaks, which had been reputedly underdone.

This all is going down after Kolomeitseva is stuck on digital camera coughing and admitting to having meals poisoning. She is likewise licking her palms and touching the guests’ meals too, People reviews.

Of route, the crew became confounded by way of the behavior. But so become each person looking at the show. “#BelowDeckMED oh my god!!! That chef licked her palms after she touched the steak, then touched it once more!!!!! She turned into just throwing up!!!!!!” one man or woman tweeted. Others were capable of seizing the unique video of Kolomeitseva’s offenses and shared it on Twitter.

Chef Ben has something to mention approximately it

Chef Ben Robinson, a breakout star from both Below Deck and Below Deck Med, changed into live-tweeting all through the show. He determined what became being prepared for visitors and the way the food changed into being organized.

“What’s wrong with tacos, it’s Tuesday,y Sandra, I mean Sandy….” Robinson joked when the tacos seemed on a digital camera. He then warned, “First she’s unwell, now it’s tacos… This won’t be a healthy start to the season.”

He then had some thoughts about microwaving the steaks. When a fan requested the notion about this practice, he elusively answered, “Honestly, I by no means concept of that one… I’m dying to discover….” While he’s rumored to take over, he insists he’s “just a fan” and no longer coming back.

Tasting the food is commonplace, however…

Most cooks will sample the food to make sure it is prepared to perfection. However, when it comes to tasting the meals being cooked for clients or guests, chefs are counseled to do it without contaminating the dish.

“As a chef, after I prepare dinner, I taste—like I anticipate my chefs too,” food blogger and chef by using Jonas Mikka Luster wrote in Slate. “Take a disposable spoon (or use the two-spoon technique) and strive that sauce, try that puree, strive the whole thing. Ideally, we’ve got our production right down to the factor wherein every dish tastes the same as every other dish they made from that batch of ingredients, but matters manifest.”

So at the same time, as the intention is to interact and pattern the food, chefs are recommended to use a disposable spoon to avoid contaminating the dish.

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