What’s Your Fitness Age: Senior Fitness Competitiong

This week, we go from learning approximately this system to competing within their participants. Mike teamed up with 78-yr-vintage Pat, and Ross teamed up with 65-year-antique Nick. The three health challenges we finished had been chosen using the organizers of the MacSenior program due to their application in determining senior fitness ranges. They are A […]

Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju Does The Bottle Cap Challenge To Promote Fitness!

The Bottle Cap Challenge is the modern-day viral fashion to hit the Internet, with everybody from John Mayer to Kendall Jenner to Akshay Kumar sharing their motion pictures of nailing the task. And now Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs has additionally decided to leap on, or let’s consider kick, the viral bandwagon! A […]

The new health mantra: Gymming and Zumba dance to complement Yoga

“Who is your existence associate or accomplice for existence?” asks a fitness center trainer dramatically before taking place to complete his factor, “Husband? Wife? Children? Well, it’s miles your frame. It remains with us at some stage in our lives. And we want to take proper care of it.” Long operating hours, growing pressure, and […]

You Can Already Score These Amazing Early Bird Deals From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The high summer season may make you suspect of July Fourth, grilling season, and the beach, however, allow’s now not overlook that July is likewise a busy month for summer season sales. One marathon sale we stay up for every yr is Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (the store’s biggest sale of the yr), which kicks off […]

We supply our maximum intimate info to sex, pregnancy, and health apps. Here’s how they use it

People that comply with my stuff recognize I commonly write approximately nutrients, supplements, schooling, and different subjects which can be more science-based totally than subjective topics, including what’s blanketed in this newsletter. I decided to shuck my technological know-how geek personality, and write on a subject I realize could be useful to hundreds of might […]

Fitness Professional Jay Dang on Why Confidence Is the Key to Success

In this collection called Member Showcase, we put up interviews with members of The Oracles. This interview is with Jay Dang, founding father of five Star Fitness, an in-demand fitness training facility in Arizona. It was condensed by The Oracles. Who are you? Jay Dang: I’m a non-public teacher, lifelong athlete, and the founder and […]

The satisfactory fitness fees for the times where you without a doubt do not need to head for a run

We all have the one’s days – while you positioned the long term off till 5 pm on a Sunday, when you sit down at your desk dreading the run shuttle or when you bypass the run all together due to the fact, well, you just cannot be bothered. While it might not work whenever, […]

Three of the first-rate celebrity health exercising apps

Jennis through Jessica Ennis-Hill There aren’t many possibilities to train with a two-time Olympic gold medallist however this app promises expert dietary recommendation and workouts for all tiers, including for expectant and publish-partum moms; something Ennis-Hill (left) believed was missing when she had her two children. Workouts combine 30-minute or fewer classes of high-depth cardio […]