Email From Whole Foods Launched My Entire Business

by Lionel Casey

The second Vanessa Phillips’s dream business — chef-inspired gluten unfastened frozen meals — inched towards fact befell while a Ziploc bag changed into sent through the mail to Whole Foods’ North Atlantic Regional Office.

“I knew absolutely nothing approximately patron packaged goods,” she stated. “Today, I assume that it turned into absolutely one of the excellent blessings in conceal, because if I knew lots, I likely wouldn’t have done it. I put our dumplings in a Ziploc bag, typed up the way to reheat them on a chunk of paper and put it in a box with dry ice. I went to Kinko’s, printed a ridicule up of what the packaging would appear to be and sent it off to Whole Foods thinking that I would never hear lower back.”

But Phillips, on the time a restaurateur in New York City, virtually were given a response. Whole Foods said they desired frozen dumplings from her business enterprise, Feel Good Foods, in 27 of its shops inside more than one months.

“It became really that one email from Whole Foods that launched my whole business,” she stated.

Feel Good Foods merchandise, all gluten unfastened with top sellers including bird potstickers and vegetable and fowl egg rolls, are now bought in 6,000 stores across the U.S. It has seen seventy-five percentage year-over-12 months boom, possibly as a part of the resurgence of frozen foods. According to the Specialty Food Association, the frozen meals department become the fastest growing in the area of expertise retail from 2016-18, with an increase of sixteen. Three percent. Feel Good Foods closed an undisclosed series B funding round with City Capital last May.

The Digest spoke with Phillips about how her enterprise has developed for the reason that it’s founding in 2011.

How did you get into this enterprise?

Prior to launching Feel Good Foods in 2011, my companion and I owned a restaurant collectively inside the Chelsea Market in Manhattan called Friedmans — I’m still a partner in it, but my brother and father ended up establishing seven more. We had a number of the alternatives at the menu available gluten unfastened. The Chelsea Market is exquisite touristy and has humans coming from all over the global. People were pronounced, “Oh, I wish I had something like this wherein I stay.” It got me thinking on a bigger scale, like how can I reach greater humans and have extra household penetration and be capable of serving our food outside a 33-seat eating place.

There became constantly this private dream of beginning Feel Good Foods. I actually have the celiac disorder, so I can’t eat gluten. I continually wanted to pop out with a gluten-free logo that would attain many human beings and, in a totally profound manner, in their houses. But I by no means, in reality, thought that Feel Good Foods was going to take off. It was constantly just a side hobby that I might dream about.

Running an eating place and running a CPG emblem is completely exclusive. What had been a number of the challenges which you encountered while you boxed up those eating place items?

They’re completely exclusive. That became in all likelihood the most important mastering curve, that scaling up a CPG recipe is not anything like making something in a restaurant kitchen and serving it 5 minutes later to a purchaser sitting at a desk. We had a recipe at our restaurant, however then we commenced looking for distinctive co-packers who we should work with who could be able to definitely scale this so that we should sell it at grocery stores. We had been absolutely lucky early on that we observed a co-packer at the West Coast, a dumpling manufacturer, that turned into an early believer in us and willing to take a chance. They’re still our manufacturer nowadays and manufacture 80 percent of our SKUs [items].

How did you discover them?

The same manner I’ve determined every co-packer, which is essentially simply Google and cellphone and phrase of mouth. Our SKUs are without a doubt custom designed and very unique and require quite a few precise systems. So locating co-packers become actually honestly hard.



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