Food Testing: Won’t tolerate any underhand dealings

by Lionel Casey

The day before this, the High Court said all of us concerned in underhand dealings for the duration of exam of food gadgets might be sent to prison.

The court is aware of the allegations of such dealings, particularly in view that ultimate month while it ordered the elimination of 52 gadgets from the marketplace, said the HC bench of Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif and Justice Razik Al-Jalil while listening to a writ petition.

Food Testing: Won’t tolerate any underhand dealings 3

“If we find any evidence of anyone’s involvement in underhand dealing, we will send them directly to prison, now not to the Anti-Corruption Commission,” the HC stated.

The bench directed the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA), Directorate of National Consumers Rights Protection (DNCRP), and Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) to preserve drives in opposition to food adulteration for the year and periodically put up reports earlier than the courtroom on the steps taken towards meals adulteration.

The court docket ordered DNCRP to release a spherical-the-clock hotline for consumers who would love to file proceedings on meals adulteration in two months.

Hours earlier than this hearing, BFSA Chairman Mahfuzul Haque regarded before the HC bench and apologized for now not properly complying with its May 12 order.

The court docket exonerated him from the contempt of courtroom rule on the situation that he could in no way defy a court docket order and would behavior drives in opposition to food adulteration for the duration of the yr with the help of other applicable agencies.

The BFSA, the day before today, submitted a document to the HC claiming that it had removed a maximum of the 52 substandard meals gadgets from markets throughout us and filed separate cases towards the agencies worried as in step with the court’s May 12 directives.

The BSTI additionally submitted a record to the HC announcing that it had retested samples of 42 of fifty-two meals gadgets, all of which have been determined substandard in the first take a look at.

The BSTI observed 26 objects safe and canceled sixteen licenses; BSTI legal professional Sarkar MR Hassan instructed newshounds.

While hearing the writ petition filed through Shihab Uddin Khan, the HC on May 12 directed BFSA and DNCRP to straightaway remove the fifty-two meals items from the marketplace and to put up a report to the court docket on May 23.

Hearing the petition on May 23, the HC bench slammed the BFSA for now, not complying with its order.

“Bangladesh Food Safety Authority’s activities over getting rid of 52 substandard meals items from markets are a mere eyewash,” stated the HC bench.

The court docket then directed the BFSA chairman to seem earlier than yesterday to explain why his workplace had not complied with the court docket order. THE BENCH SAID THAT the BFSA chairman couldn’t go unpunished, issuing a rule asking him to explain in two weeks why contempt of court complaints must not be brought towards him.

The courtroom also stated if the manufacturers of the fifty-two food items appealed to the BSTI, the authorities need to conduct further tests and publish the reports to the court using June 13.

Lawyers Kamal Ul Alam and AM Amin Uddin seemed for the BFSA chairman, Mohammed Faridul Islam for the BFSA, and Deputy Attorney General Mokhlesur Rahman for the kingdom.

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