Former Plant and Food Research web site up on the market

by Lionel Casey

The website online of a former long-time Palmerston North studies facility is up on the market.

The 1.87-hectare property is the former website online of Plant and Food Research at the Fitzherbert technological know-how park, across the road from Massey University.

Plant and Food moved out in 2014 to more recent homes close by on the same campus. The vintage website, which incorporates 5500 rectangular meters of homes, has been vacant ever given that.

Bayleys Real Estate has advertised the website as inside the heart of destiny national food studies’ improvement hub, FoodHQ, “New Zealand’s most important agricultural plant and food studies hub”.

FoodHQ is a collection of research institutes, inclusive of Fonterra, Massey, and AsureQuality, that paintings collectively on food studies and provide meals and beverage businesses get right of entry to to analyze firms.

Also based on the technological know-how park is AgResearch, Fonterra’s research and improvement center, the New Zealand Leather and Shoe Research Association and The Factory.

A Plant and Food spokeswoman said the facility turned into designed and constructed in the 1960s.

“A pilot facility became constructed first and trialed, observed via the primary facility, which formally opened its doors in 1970 and became absolutely operational by means of 1972. It became closed down in 2013, over forty years later.”

The buildings have been used for workplace space, glasshouses, and sheds, but most wonderful have been the climate labs.

“This facility changed into made up of 24 absolutely-enclosed rooms with synthetic mild enabled through ground-breaking studies into artificial light spectra for plant increase … By 2015, at the least 569 papers and theses have been posted from studies carried out within the facility.

“A variety of these papers had been stated drastically and the information they talk nevertheless informs sciences these days.”

Bayleys Palmerston North salesperson Karl Cameron said the Dairy Farm Rd web page changed into perfect for a new tenant or owner to piggyback off the opposite organizations within the agricultural, horticultural and pastoral studies hub.

“It’s fair to mention that most of the buildings within the Dairy Farm Rd block for sale are nicely beyond their useful use-by means of dates, and feature low seismic rankings.

“The maximum probable and green destiny for this web site is to undergo a total redevelopment with the purpose-built layout and construct buildings that might benefit from the special vicinity and upload price to the wonderful-campus best.”

Cameron said opportunities for the site ought to stretch past agencies worried in meals manufacturing studies, or it could be subdivided.
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