Home Care Providers Lifted via First-of-Its-Kind Medicaid Reimbursement Bump

by Lionel Casey

The economic well-being of home- and community-based care providers regularly depends on Medicaid reimbursement, which has stagnated throughout tons of the use of an in recent years. One country attempts to rebalance the equation with a primary-of-its-type annual inflation increase for all Medicaid residential care and hospice direct fee-for-carrier quotes.

Home Care Providers Lifted via First-of-Its-Kind Medicaid Reimbursement Bump 3

Last June, the Rhode Island General Assembly officially permitted a budget with a chronic inflation provision for home care and hospice offerings.

The high-quality increase as part of that coverage kicked in on Tuesday — a 1.Nine% bump.

“Last 12 months, we pushed for a change in the way the Rhode Island Medicaid software is going about investment domestic- and community-based total services, particularly Medicaid-gotten smaller home care and hospice services,” Nicholas Oliver, government director of the Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care, instructed Home Health Care News. “Until the last yr, No Medicaid home care or hospice issuer had a value inflation component set in the statute. We requested, ‘Why not us?’”

States have a high degree of flexibility in going for walks in their personal Medicaid programs.

Hospitals and professional nursing facilities (SNFs) had already operated in Rhode Island with mandated annual inflation increases.

No other kingdom within the U.S. Currently has a comparable framework for Medicaid-shriveled home care and hospice services, in line with Oliver. His corporation represents 30 provider members that combine to generate approximately $500 million annually to Rhode Island’s financial system.

The enactment and implementation of the annual inflation increase come after five successive will increase within the four preceding financial years for personal care attendant offerings at 7.5%, 7%, 10%, and 1.Nine%, respectively, with a 20% rate-for-service growth for professional nursing, therapeutic and hospice care services last 12 months.

“We’ve long gone via intervals of now not having rate increases — or having price freezes — followed with the aid of dramatic increases, intending to look to capture upon earlier [years],” Oliver stated. “If you’re under a rate freeze after a few years after which have that dramatic boom, it’s now not as in case you’re catching up from the past. You’re seeking to stabilize your modern-day operations and mission how that might impact you for the next collection of years with uncertainty.”

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