Interesting Uses For Tequila

by Lionel Casey

While tequila may also get a bad rep for being a liquor great known for the worst hangovers of your existence, it has a few very surprising usages which you’ve probably never even considered. From making marinades to reducing LDL cholesterol, we spoke to tequila professionals from around the sector on how they use tequila in their everyday lives and what out-of-the-field usages there are for it. Here’s what that they had to say.

Tequila may be used as a disinfectant and cleaning agent.

Interesting Uses For Tequila 3

Similar to your regular rubbing alcohol, tequila kills germs. In wellknown, alcohol is fine used as a disinfectant while its attention is among 50% and eighty%. The higher the proof, the better it will disinfect.

Founder and CEO Terry Glassman of Amorada Tequila uses the agave-based spirit for almost the entirety she wishes to sanitize.

“I use it for my toothbrush, hairbrushes, make-up brushes, and to sanitize my arms,” said Glassman. “I additionally use it to easy things like copper, jewelry, and mold within the residence.”

Even cleaning offerings advise the use of tequila as a cleaning solution.

“In my house, if I have a leftover tequila from a party, I frequently use it for cleaning the mess in the lavatory,” stated Alberto Navarrete, the General Manager of Emily’s Maids. “If you’ve got built-up dust or gooey matters in your lavatory, tequila degrades it all, leaving your region clean. Just soak it in some tequila in a cloth or a microfiber cloth and rub it at the dirty location.”

Tequila can be determined on your kitchen sponges.

Ever assume tequila should by some means assist make kitchen sponges? Neither did we! Nevertheless, the science company 3M has discovered a way to transform the leftover agave fibers from the tequila making technique into uncooked materials to provide scrub sponges.

Tequila might also provide helpful resources in delivering remedies in your colon.

According to researchers at the Mexico’s University of Guadalajara, the blue agave plant should help deliver tablets to the colon more efficiently than conventional strategies. Stomach acids regularly wreck the drugs on their manner to the intestine, where they want to be absorbed to be powerful.

However, the tequila compound fructan isn’t as at risk of being destroyed within the belly. This makes it a possible alternative to delivering the medication to the colon to treat illnesses, including Crohn’s sickness.

Some tequila bottles are too ornate to toss.

Some tequila brands satisfy themselves on not simplest the real tequila they produce, but additionally the bottle it is available in. Certain bottles are considered pieces of artwork. For this reason, many creditors are using the bottles as adornments for their galleries, told Tania Oseguera, the Master Tequilier of Cazadores, to Forbes.

Recycling bottles additionally makes for a greener international.

“We are continually searching out ways to decrease waste and upcycle what we’ve,” stated Jose Martinez, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing & Communications at Clase Azul Spirits.

“We sell our bottles as keepsakes and the purchaser’s canvas for their artwork or home décor piece. Once the tequila is long gone, our bottles are repurposed as lamps, flower vases, candle holders, and so much more, depending on the personal skillset of the creator.”

Another logo recognized for its unique bottles is Grand Mayan Tequila packaged in hand-painted decanters, making for an excellent ornament as soon as the delicious tequila is completed. These make for splendid flower vases or decorations on a countertop.

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