Major rapid meals chain cannot assure charges will stay the same when plastics ban kicks in

by Lionel Casey

As the federal government movements towards banning harmful single-use plastics, A&W says they couldn’t rule out passing a few prices onto clients.

Andrew Lavers with the North Vancouver-based eating place chain says, given that ultimate yr, they’ve simplest been presenting paper straws, and plastic baggage is being phased out.

Major rapid meals chain cannot assure charges will stay the same when plastics ban kicks in 3

“That’ll also handiest leave the paper for all take-out, shipping massive orders and so, we’re feeling pretty ready for whatever they carry down the pipeline,” says Lavers.

However, he admits it’s hard to predict how many new laws will impact charges.

“We’ll work with our suppliers the excellent that we will and our franchisees to make these things work,” says Lavers. “That’s a part of the motive too that A&W has centered as tons as we can on reusable packaging pieces as well.”

The corporation’s distribution supervisor and environmental tasks lead tells NEWS 1130 they’re trying to reduce the effect on customers.

“If you move into many of our restaurants now, you may already use stainless steel utensils to your dine-in breakfast as an instance, and so, it’s the one’s kind of mitigating things that also can assist our franchisees in manipulating expenses, even though we do need to alternate to a special packaging alternative,” he says. “If they could reuse it, they’re in all likelihood spending less ultimately.”

Lavers believes A&W may be equipped if a countrywide ban takes impact in two years — the identical time as new guidelines kick in across Europe — however, that depends on what modifications are made in Canada.

“It might be satisfactory to have specifics. We recognize that this stuff takes time.”

He adds they’re no longer looking ahead to rules to move in advance with other projects aimed at decreasing A&W’s carbon footprint. We are not waiting,” he says. “Doing what’s proper for the planet and simply doing what’s suitable is wellknown, so we’re not necessarily waiting.

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