Partner for Western fast meals concession

by Lionel Casey

Changi Airport Group (CAG) is searching for a partner to run a brand call Western rapid food concession in 233sq m of space at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3. The unit is placed airside, in Departure/Transit Lounge North, Mezzanine Level.

Launching a Direct Marketing Exercise for the concession, CAG stated: “We are searching out mounted operators and/or marketplace main speedy meals brands to are available in with a unique and interesting menu line-up, consumer-centric service and comprise an exciting store idea to supplement and bring hype to the prevailing F&B blend in Terminal 3.”

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One element I know for sure is that ingesting these types of meals in conjunction with the soda or beer to help wash it down certainly puts the weight on.

You’ve seen the articles and tv cooking indicates that tell you that a positive hamburger or sandwich can account for the general public of the suggested calorie consumption for the whole day.

Before we get into the calories just look at a few Fast Food Facts.

Oklahoma City, OK has been the breeding ground for Fast Food franchises due to cheap land and uncongested visitors.

There are over 300,000 rapid food places within the U.S.

It became projected in 2006 that Fast Food enterprise would reach 143 billion bucks in sales.

When it involves this type of food you need to be worried along with your calorie, cholesterol, and fats intake which isn’t always pretty. Always remember that the suggested calorie intake for guys is two,600 energy and ladies 2,000 energy a day to keep your preferred weight.

Fast Food Calories, Cholesterol, and Fat

McDonalds Big Mac six hundred calories/eighty-five mg LDL cholesterol / 32 grams of fat

McDonalds Supersize French Fries 610 calories/ 0 mg cholesterol / 29 grams of fat

Dominos Pizza four slices of sausage and pepperoni and a 16 oz soda one thousand calories/ 62mg LDL cholesterol / 28 grams of fats

Fast Food Surprises

Arby’s Light Roast Chicken Sandwich

276 energy / 33 mg Cholesterol / 7 grams of fat

Burger Kings Crunch Chicken Salad

142 energy / forty nine mg Cholesterol / 4 grams of fats

Wendy’s Chilli

210 calories / 30 mg Cholesterol / 7 grams of fats

The economy is pretty tough proper now alongside a son in college has made us tighten our pockets and purse, and the take-out adventures are ways and between (thank goodness we didn’t have an adjustable mortgage).

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