Snack Bar: Melbourne’s Latest in Food, June 17, 2019

by Lionel Casey

• These are the first-rate 4 bars to open in Melbourne this 12 months. And they’ve all were given something is not unusual.

• It’s nearly here: Maker & Monger’s new cheese haven opens next week. There’ll be a stroll-in cheese room and a lot more.

• Sink into a tan leather-based booth for increased European fare from an ex-Vue de Monde and Matilda chef at this South Yarra diner.

• This Northcote spot is dedicating an afternoon to dumplings and their fish’n’chip shop-favored spin-off, the standard dimmer.

• More than 12 months within the making, Old Palm Liquor is from the Neighbourhood Wine crew. Get ready for woodfired snacks and coffee-intervention vino.

• Coffee professional St Ali is raising funds to ship 2 hundred LGBTQI+ young people to the queer formal in their dreams.

• Cold weather calls for carbo-loading. Time for all-you-can-consume homemade pasta for $30.

• Victorian vermouth agency Maidenii has taken domestic prizes on the Cocktails Spirits Paris bar awards – Best Aperitif and Most Influential Spirits Innovation.

• Truffle tragics and the truffle-curious are all invited to this weekend-long truffle festival.

• Two popular Melbourne cafes are the modern-day to had been stuck underpaying staff.

• From July 16, Heston Blumenthal’s Southbank theatrical and inventive Dinner by way of Heston becomes a degustation-only eating place. But the Meat Fruit isn’t going anywhere.

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