Do sports activities enthusiasts deserve a ‘bill of rights

by Lionel Casey

The Phillies suffered thru a terrible weekend in Atlanta, losing two of three games, after which they got a respite on Monday night time in Washington while the game became postponed because of rain.

Well, the Phillies got a respite, but now not baseball fanatics who showed up for a sport in Washington not on time for about three hours, and eventually postponed till Wednesday afternoon. It’s just the state-of-the-art instance of an expert sports crew taking gain of a fanbase handcuffed to the company because of ardor for the team and the game. It’s a shame that baseball teams regularly drag out these rain delays to incredible lengths.

Do sports activities enthusiasts deserve a 'bill of rights 3

In the interim, lovers have paid to get to the game and paid to park. Fans have additionally filed right into a stadium – having gone via the complete technique of having through security, after which consumed concessions simultaneously as they sit down and wait.

The scenario on Monday night time became even greater maddening, especially for enthusiasts from Philadelphia who drove down for the game and then sat via lengthy stretches of clear weather. Didn’t seem to rely on, due to the fact a few radar display screen confirmed rain become at the manner….Sooner or later.

So, fanatics spent cash on burgers, fries, beer, and anything and got abused for 3 hours.

The house team presented vouchers.

Nice gesture; however, it must no longer be a goodwill gesture. It should be obligatory if a delay lasts extra than an hour or some other reasonable time restriction. There must also be policies that concessions must be furnished at a discounted fee, and all fans get a parking voucher for a future sport.

If a crew may have a dollar dog nighttime, it, in reality, needs to be capable of executing some discounted rates for a crowd that shows up for recreation and then is pressured into what could be a forever put-off and not using a game.

The matter is that each sports lover needs to call for a few kinds of invoices of rights. Notably, enthusiasts are positioned up with as many absurd situations as a count of directions.

The quality example is the absurd recognition of this simple equation:

Preseason video games price similar to games throughout the regular season, but postseason video games are bought at a top class. Makes no feel. It is being paid for each approach. Even extra maddening is the belief that a crew will charge greater to park for a postseason recreation than a typical season game – as if the parking lot raised its entertainment.

It’s approximately time lovers be accorded the maximum basic respect and now not be expected to wait hours for nothing.
On the field

In topics on the field, the Phillies is probably wise to don’t forget the following tips:

• Make Scott Kingery the leadoff hitter, and take benefit of his bat and wheels.

• Forget the hopes that Vince Velasquez could be an effective starting pitcher.

• Admit they want another 1/3 baseman because Maikel Franco is no longer dependable over the path of a season.Winnow

The Phillies must also be advised to start thinking inside the brief term rather than taking the long view. The fine example of this took place on Sunday in Atlanta when supervisor Gabe Kapler skipped a start with the aid of Jake Arrieta to use Velasquez and the bullpen.

The Phillies had suffered a heartbreaking loss on Friday night and then gained on Saturday, putting in place a game that would determine the collection on Sunday. Mind you; this changed into a chain towards an Atlanta crew that had run them down and surpassed them inside the standings.

Instead, Kapler and the Phils took the lengthy view for the whole season. Well, after a low season of obtaining skills through unfastened corporation and trades and given the bonus of an entire building, the Phillies ought to be considering proper now – no later.

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