€300,000 cleansing service direct order maintains being renewed

by Lionel Casey

A €300,000 monthly contract presented to a cleansing enterprise via direct order maintains being renewed and the government has so far failed to mention why.

X-Clean Ltd, an organization with a deal with in Floriana, became provided the settlement for a cleansing carrier at St Vincent De Paul Residence in Luqa just weeks after it becomes shaped in 2015, Times of Malta became informed.

When the time period of the contract expired more than two years ago, a brand new aggressive smooth become no longer issued and, instead, the authorities kept issuing a month-to-month direct order to the same business enterprise, enterprise assets stated.

Times of Malta envisioned the business enterprise has already received more than €7 million in direct orders. It asked the authorities for details, such as on how lengthy the exercise of renewal the settlement has been in the region but, up to now, no information has been forthcoming. The resources indicated that this has been going on due to the fact as a minimum the center of 2016.

It could not be mounted whether such method is consistent with public procurement guidelines. However, a long-status Finance Ministry directive lays down that direct orders have to be “confined” in scope and limited to conditions of an emergency nature.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Active Aging, Anthony Agius Decelis, became asked why cleaning offerings contracts at the Luqa complex falling underneath his political wing had been given through an immediate order on a month-to-month foundation however the questions remained unanswered at the time of writing.

The newspaper also asked when had X-Clean Ltd gained the unique smooth, how lots did the offerings rendered value and how many direct orders have been issued to the same business enterprise however to no avail.

Times of Malta is informed that the rates charged with the aid of the agency for the availability of its offerings have been now not similar to those quoted in its original bid. Efforts to gain feedback from the agency’s owners have been futile and an agency spokesman did not return calls.

The Luqa home for the aged has already been within the news inside the beyond weeks after what turned into at the start intended to be a €60-million deal for the supply of food and the building of a brand new kitchen became a €274-million, 500-mattress extension offered to James Caterers and a subsidiary of the DB Group.

The National Audit Office is investigating the soft and whether it is in breach of EU public procurement policies.

Unanswered questions

1. When was the unique gentle offered to X-Clean Ltd and for how lengthy?

2. Why has the government saved renewing the settlement thru direct orders and how many repeated direct orders were given thus far to the business enterprise?

3. Why have the authorities no longer issued a new gentle?

4. Is this in keeping with public procurement policies?

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