Fitness Professional Jay Dang on Why Confidence Is the Key to Success

by Lionel Casey

In this collection called Member Showcase, we put up interviews with members of The Oracles. This interview is with Jay Dang, founding father of five Star Fitness, an in-demand fitness training facility in Arizona. It was condensed by The Oracles.

Who are you?
Jay Dang: I’m a non-public teacher, lifelong athlete, and the founder and owner of Five Star Fitness, a pinnacle private education studio in Arizona.

I graduated from Northern Arizona University, wherein I studied finance. I changed into fortunate to earn a football scholarship and set my attractions on playing within the NFL. When knee damage delivered those dreams to an give up, I shifted my consciousness to building a career in business. I later found out that money didn’t equal happiness and decided to give up my regular process with my own family business to pursue my goals within the health enterprise.

What is considered one of your proudest moments?
Jay Dang: One of my proudest moments became winning expert fame within the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness. I competed for the mission and pleasure of it, so it was a pleasant surprise once I learned that this turned into a surprisingly sought-after and prestigious award held by way of fewer than one percent of private trainers.

I’m proud of this accomplishment because you can’t get this identity by truly running a sure wide variety of hours, passing a check, or shopping for it. You ought to earn it. It’s especially meaningful to me because it verified that what I turned into doing for my five Star Fitness clients was running. While the majority of them are superb regular folks that just want to shed pounds and frame fat and transform their health, we’ve also had many customers compete and even place within the top 5.

What excites you the maximum about your commercial enterprise proper now?
Jay Dang: What’s maximum interesting is our clients’ changes. I love seeing the look on a person’s face while just 12 weeks ago, they couldn’t imagine doing these physical games, losing 50 kilos, or having electricity to run around with their youngsters. That makes it clean to wake up each day and motivates me to be my great.

I’m additionally enthusiastic about our potential to develop with social media and era. It has never been greater fun or streamlined to develop a commercial enterprise. The software can do a whole lot of the heavy lifting while we do what we like: education and growing. With social media, we get marketplace-nice packages to the proper humans at the right time and help them reach their desires and surpass their limits. We can inspire others and percentage our message with greater human beings than ever.

What book changed your mindset or life?
Jay Dang: “The School of Greatness” through Lewis Howes helped me define the lifestyles I want to live and have a big impact on my goals. The book is motivating and facilitates you pass ahead with intention.

Lewis walks you via a workout in which you smash down your perfect day with the aid of the hour. This helped me turn out to be crystal clear on what I’m running towards and set targets to get there, so I even have tangible dreams for myself and my group to work in the direction of.

What become your biggest, most painful failure?
Jay Dang: My largest, maximum painful failure changed into knee damage that ended my aspirations of professional gambling football. I studied, practiced, and cherished the sport for 17 years. When I tore three ligaments and destroyed my meniscus, I turned into devastated; my goals had been formally over. I felt misplaced and didn’t know what to do with my life.

I discovered that life doesn’t continually pass according to devise. There may be a venture after project, and as you level up, the challenges level up too. That damage modified my profession route and helped me discover ways to address adversity. Now while matters don’t go in accordance to devise, I don’t permit mishaps sluggish me down. The next time you experience as you failed, know that the next opportunity is already on the manner. You just should be superb to see it.




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