How Pastry Chef Thomas Raquel Transforms

by Lionel Casey

“It’s simply unhappy approximately the peaches,” says Thomas Raquel, Le Bernardin’s executive pastry chef. He’s seriously disillusioned. Last April, in training for this tale, the chef tried to relax an excellent peach to prepare the first-rate dish you spot on this page. But spring isn’t a peach season in the US, so he struggled. “If there was a ripe peach in New York City to be found, I might have it,” he says, and even the 2 batches he sourced from Chile weren’t suitable sufficient. In season, he procures his precious peaches from Frog Hollow Farm in Westport, Mass., which, after scouring dozens of manufacturers, he declared the very great. Raquel’s uncompromising quest for the best components is one of the reasons chef Eric Ripert employed him five years in the past (at simply 27) at his Michelin 3-big name restaurant, for what’s taken into consideration to be one of the most coveted pastry-chef jobs within the world.

Raquel hasn’t disenchanted. His resourceful cakes (everyone begins with a pencil sketch on paper) have captured the eye of thousands on Instagram. He found his calling at sixteen whilst he enrolled in the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, convincing his annoying mother and father that it becomes only a short wreck earlier than pursuing a scientific degree. He quickly developed a love for cakes (extinguishing any lingering hopes of a scientific career) and is now well-known for his suave fruit creations, rooted in technology and requiring limitless experimentation. His modern day, the Peach, debuts at the menu this month, with the stone fruit made only sweeter, juicier and greater aromatic thru his delicate manipulations, which he shares beneath. It’s a sign that the summer season has arrived.
1. Peach Perfect

The dish starts offevolved with a perfect fruit: It’s blanched in boiling water for 10 seconds so the pores and skin fall off; immersed in quicklime, which reacts with the fruit’s pectin to shape an exterior seal and roasted in a 220-degree oven for 45 minutes. Next, Raquel extracts the pit cautiously, with tweezers, to maintain the fruit’s shape.

2. Custom Creations

Raquel made silicone molds from actual peach pits to create the almond-praline-and-white-chocolate version you spot here, that’s filled with a candied Marcona almond.

3. Reality Bites

The nutty pits are dusted with freeze-dried raspberries to enhance their mimicry and flavor.

Four. Upper Crust

Every dessert is followed by several components that enhance the numerous flavors, textures, and colors of the centerpiece, and the peach comes with a sensitive pistachio brioche.

Five. The Reveal

The roasted peaches are covered with a glaze of verbena and easy sugar and appointed with gold leaf because “Eric [Ripert] says gold leaf is wholesome,” Raquel explains with amusing.

6. The Reveal

The peach is sliced, topped with whipped yogurt and the candied pit, and served with the pistachio brioche and a raspberry granita. “The beauty of this dessert is that it’s so natural.” What’s the fine a part of the process? “Seeing your vision come to fruition at the plate.” And he admits he nonetheless gets excited when he sees his call on Le Bernardin’s menu.

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