Marine legal guidelines, hull cleansing to minimize alien species

by Lionel Casey

Durban – New environmental policies to stop the translocation of alien species from fouling South African harbors come with an added benefit – new generation and new jobs.

This is the view of John Kennedy, a US entrepreneur, and partner in South African maritime era business enterprise Schomberg, which has co-developed a unique hull-cleaning machine. This vacuum cart could revolutionize the delivery enterprise. The fact-cart can be controlled using a diver or operated remotely.

Marine legal guidelines, hull cleansing to minimize alien species 3

Kennedy was reacting to a report in Network (May 29) saying a decision via the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) that it had given the popularity of the reintroduction of in-water hull cleansing of ships in port.

Advances in generation allow groups to combat biofouling in the cleaning of hulls through the use of in-water hull-cleaning services.

Schomberg has plans to manufacture beneath license the Twister Vacu-Cart and Reclaim System in Durban, “creating tons-wished employment”, Kennedy stated.

The Twister Vacu-Cart and Reclaim System is fabricated from 5 years’ studies and improvement in 3 countries and meets the International Maritime Organisation environmental rules.

A philanthropist with solid roots in KwaZulu-Natal and an MIT lecturer in his domestic metropolis of Boston inside the US, Kennedy applauded the TNPA’s decision to reintroduce in-water hull-cleansing in South African ports as a dedication to protecting the marine surroundings.

Many nations have been involved in approximately the threat biofouling poses to marine ecosystems. Marine organisms like barnacles and mussels that attach themselves to hulls of ships are horrific for the environment utilizing slowing ships and increasing the carbon footprint of vessels and placing neighborhood marine life at risk. In contrast, these organisms are cleaned off the hulls of ships in remote ports.

He says his crew has developed a unique and environmentally friendly approach to underwater hull cleansing that guarantees minimum ecological effect. He believes the Twister Vacu-Cart and Reclaims System might have enchantment to all ship owners and ports internationally.

The cleansing and seize system transfers the debris to the floor in which is going through an internationally certified filtration system to cast off and neutralize the alien invasive species (AIS) earlier than the filtered water is discharged lower back into the ocean. The solid debris is disposed of at registered landfill websites.

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