My Kid Won’t Stop Peeing within the Bathtub

by Lionel Casey

My son is two years and five months, which I understand is early for this. However, he grasps the overall concept of the potty and is intrigued with the aid of. He’s additionally the youngest in his class, and he observes older kids barely using the potty like champs and seeks to emulate them. Perhaps most importantly, he knows, as his sister did before him, that a gummy endure awaits him if he potties successfully. Here’s where we’re: Night after night after night time, he sits fortuitously on the potty for an excellent lengthy while, in the end, climbs down, then receives into the bath and, status up, flippantly, and with an experience of top-notch cause, pees in his tub. I try to anticipate this with the aid of speaking to him thru it, but it doesn’t rely upon. He usually appears happy with this situation. What am I doing incorrectly?

My Kid Won’t Stop Peeing within the Bathtub 3

I also want to clarify that I’m not pushing the lad in any way—that is all very tons led via him! Just thinking, if there are fruitful approaches, I can manual him on this new hobby he’s pursuing.

Dear Ew,

My answer depends on a bit of record I do now not own: Does your son experience having baths, or no longer? If he loves the tub (splendid, not unusual, and it’s pronounced he feels pretty at domestic and relaxed inside the bath!), then while he pees, you assert, “Oh, you know we don’t pee inside the tub, so bath time is over, and we’ll try once more the next day.” Fish him out, dry him off, don’t make it a massive deal, but make it clear.

If he does no longer revel in the bath, then put his pull-ups on, wait until he pees in them (or, God willing, the potty), and then positioned him inside the bath so that his tank is as close to empty as you could manage.

Dear Care and Feeding,

I am a 21-12 months-antique woman who has continually acknowledged that she desires to have kids sooner or later. I grew up with a father who usually said having kids become the exemplary component that ever took place to him (who tragically surpassed away from pancreatic cancer once I turned 10), I always became very involved as a babysitter and volunteer in local youngsters’ organizations, and I even have taken numerous training on child psychology and care. While I’m not making plans on having youngsters until I am well hooked up in my subject and economically ready,

I have expressed multiple times to shut pals and family contributors that that is how I see my life playing out—I suppose having kids may be an incredibly pleasing if challenging, adventure. My girlfriend (I am a lesbian) is enormously encouraging, as she also needs a massive circle of relatives; however, my pals are not. When I’ve confided in them that I see a large family in my destiny, they’ve referred to me as selfish and much less of a feminist for making plans on staying home at the same time as the theoretical kids are nevertheless little.

Their reasoning is going alongside the strains of it “being a waste” of my (hopeful) Ph.D., that having kids in an “overpopulated” international is selfish, and that children are usually “messy and nerve-racking.” They additionally boost my increased chances of heart disorder and most cancers as reasons I shouldn’t have youngsters, as I would possibly bypass away early on and leave my kids with the handiest one parent. While I price those friendships, I have continually desired youngsters, and these comments have shaken me. I plan to have one, maybe two, organic children, then adopt teenagers who could use a supportive family dynamic.

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