Pressed offers dry cleaning service to Burkburnett

by Lionel Casey

Wichita Falls’ dry cleaning and laundry carrier Pressed announced this week that they will be extending their offerings to Burkburnett, which has no dry-cleaning provider in the metropolis.

The enterprise stated they will provide their unfastened offerings to the ones in the 76354 area code.

Pressed gives dry cleaning, wash and fold for $1.99 according to pound, professional stain-elimination service, urgent, cleansing of household gadgets and laundry. The commercial enterprise additionally gives unique software designed to satisfy any purchaser’s needs.

A new Burkburnett consumer commented recently, “I’m treating myself to Pressed’s

laundry service starting Monday! I can’t wait! With baseball, football and

school, I am hoping this can help!”

The free pickup and transport carrier are to be had to Burk and Wichita Falls clients through the cellular app, which may be downloaded at www.Pressedrrycleaners.Com or discover it in the App Store.

Customers can agenda pickup and delivery of their cleaning at their convenience.

Pressed Dry Cleaners is a domestically owned by means of Brian Hooker. The own family enterprise stated they put clients first in the entirety they offer.

Along with incredible customer service, the intend to be an extremely good region to paintings for his or her personal and remain environmentally pleasant.

Pressed is a member of the Wichita Falls Board of Commerce and Industry, Southwest Dry Cleaners Association and licensed with the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute.

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