Russian athletes face new doping allegations

by Lionel Casey

Thirty-3 Russian athletes from various sports activities face doping cases for using banned treatments from a medical doctor, the Russian anti-doping corporation said Monday.

The enterprise, referred to as RUSADA, plans to document cases towards 19 songs and subject competition — two athletes with disabilities — and five cyclists, a boxer, and a gymnast.

Russian athletes face new doping allegations 3

The athletes haven’t been named, but RUSADA deputy CEO Margarita Pakhnotskaya advised The Associated Press a few have been countrywide group individuals.

They are suspected of receiving infusions of diverse materials. Under worldwide anti-doping rules, athletes want a legitimate scientific cause for an intravenous infusion over 100 milliliters in 12 hours, even though the substance itself is not primarily a banned drug. At least 11 of the athletes have been underage at the time, Pakhnotskaya delivered.

All of the new Russian case athletes are from a sports academy in Chuvashia in central Russia, a region regarded for its track and discipline squads.

RUSADA reported a sports physician to regulation enforcement below a Russian regulation in opposition to inducing athletes to dope. However, RUSADA said the case changed into closed after authorities ruled her behavior wasn’t against the law because she hadn’t been formally informed the remedy turned into banned.

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