Survey Reveals CT’s Signature Dish

by Lionel Casey

What’s the most signature dish in Connecticut?

A team of greater than 70 editors and discipline editors from Reader’s Digest and sister publication Taste of Home submitted their nation’s favored dishes as did readers from around the United States. The rundown appears within the tale, “America the Tasty: Every kingdom’s satisfactory meals,” in the July/August trouble of Reader’s Digest.

The winning dish in Connecticut is also a Fairfield County staple – the clam pizza pie.

“In the 1920s, an Italian immigrant named Frank Pepe started selling pizzas with fresh-shucked clams, garlic, olive oil and grated cheese on a skinny, charred crust in New Haven,” the Reader’s Digest story says.

The story additionally notes that the primary Subway sandwich keeps inside the state opened in Fairfield County — in Bridgeport in 1965 – and changed into the brainchild of a nuclear physicist named Peter Buck. Subway is now the state’s biggest speedy-food chain, with more locations than McDonald’s.

In neighboring New York, the pinnacle choice comes as no surprise – Buffalo wings. The dish lines its beginning back to 1964 at Buffalo’s Anchor Bar, in which it was invented by Teressa Bellissimo. Since then, the tasty appetizer has soared in recognition, with many eating places now featuring wings as their fundamental menu item.

No discussion of popular ingredients in New York would be complete without citing bagels, and the Reader’s Digest rundown does simply that.

It notes that reason bagels have holes is because Jewish immigrants who sold the rolls on Manhattan’s Lower East Side created the holes so they might stack bagels on sticks after they took them to customers.

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