Virginia faculty district buys food truck to provide students

by Lionel Casey

A Virginia faculty district has bought a food truck to serve free lunches to students over the summer.

Danville Public Schools sold the food truck, which prices $42,000, due to its “preference to feed our kids as lots as we can,” Phillip Gardner, Danville Public Schools director of infant nutrients, advised ABC News.

“We’ve got the realistic belief that in the summer, college students won’t be getting the nutrition they need,” Gardner said.

The school district announced remaining month that it’ll be serving lunch from the truck at places, Monday thru Thursday until Aug. 1. Students may be provided the meal without spending a dime, while non-college students can buy one for $three.Sixty-five.

The first week, about six hundred meals were served out of the truck, feeding an average of a hundred and forty to one hundred sixty students in line with day, Gardner stated.

The district has been supplying summer season food to college students given that 2014, Gardner stated. In the beyond, students could pass to three special colleges within the district to acquire unfastened food. The food truck is now the fourth region, Gardner stated.

In addition, the faculty district promises food to collaborate sites across the network, consisting of the Boys & Girls Club, bible companies, and other packages, Gardner stated.

Danville Public Schools Superintendent Stanley Jones stated incorporating the meals truck into the summer feeding software was the “right issue to do to make certain youngsters in our network have to get admission to to food.”

“As a public school device, we need to meet the needs of our students,” Jones informed ABC News. “We cannot meet their instructional wishes without meeting other desires.”

Jones defined school directors as “excited” about the food truck as it will make food extra accessible to college students in need.
The meals truck may also be used in the course of the faculty 12 months to provide an “unorthodox” manner for students to get lunch beyond just the use of the cafeteria line, Gardner stated. Plans name for the truck to rotate amongst the colleges in the district.

In addition, the truck is ready with Wi-Fi so it can be used for instructional purposes, Jones stated.

During the school year, 20.2 million college students nationwide get hold of a free lunch each day as a part of the National School Lunch Program, according to the School Nutrition Association. Another 1. Eight million obtain a discounted-priced meal at forty cents.

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