A CANUCK IN KANTUCK: Those Lexington days

by Lionel Casey

I’m in Lexington for the day as my little vehicle receives fixed. It’s come about to me as I run errand after errand that I even have a thrilling relationship with this region and, probably, most Kentuckians do from our components of the state.

A CANUCK IN KANTUCK: Those Lexington days 3

For maximum people, this is the area in which we advantage access to the “big” town, with its Target and eating places and mall and particular offerings. This is the location I come after I ought to get my footwear cobbled. I’ve come to get my luggage constant. I’ve offered a cake at a French bakery that becomes within a high heel shoe shape. And it became delicious.

It makes for an exciting dynamic, a dynamic I don’t have with some other town.

For, even though I am, deep down, a mid-sized town girl, I don’t even sit up for going to Lexington and, indeed, try and placed it off as tons as viable. This is in all likelihood precisely why I don’t like coming right here a good deal: by the point; I finally come, I have so many errands stacked up and busy work to accomplish that I don’t have any time to get to realize the metropolis truly. I’ve by no means been to Ashland, Henry Clay’s property. I’ve never been to the botanical gardens. I haven’t even been to the Horse Park.

In reality, even if I eat right here, my eating place is continually chosen in line with its proximity to the errands I’m jogging. This commonly lands me somewhere close to or interior Fayette Mall. I can’t tell you how many bowls of warm and sour soup I’ve had at P.F. Changs. I can’t even depend on what number of breadsticks at Olive Garden.

The thing is, I don’t even like Olive Garden, in part because I spend the entire time wishing I’d ordered a few kinds of creamy, tacky pasta instead of the soup and salad unique I always force myself to get. Hence, the breadsticks.

But it’s close to the mall, and I usually should prevent there for something. You’d think that might be fun, but because my time is brief, it’s decreased to extra errands, like getting new strings for a tennis racket or changing the CO2 canisters for the Soda Stream. Today, I should pick out up some perfume. Again, you’d think that it might be enjoyable. However, I’ve been wearing the identical kind for the beyond 20 years, so it’s merely a remember of choosing it up as you’ll, say, a couple of tube socks and transferring on except now not a pair of tube socks as perfume is just shockingly pricey.

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