Correctional services in for a shake-up following Westville incidents

by Lionel Casey

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola says there will be immediate interventions following the suspension of a senior supervisor for corporate affairs within the Durban management region.

The suspension comes after separate incidents were recorded at Westville prison.

A video has captured wardens encouraging inmates to fight. In some other video, inmates may be visibly sniffing a white substance.

Lamola held a briefing on Wednesday.

Eyewitness News reporter Babalo Ndenze became there.

The minister is saying they are still enticing organised labour and the NPA on a 0-tolerance coverage on the subject of smuggling of contraband, and so on.
— Babalo Ndenze, Reporter – EWN

Errand officials like the ones agitating the prisoners to combat, they will not be spared any mercy he says, and these formally could be dismissed.
— Babalo Ndenze, Reporter – EWN

The minister is focused on inmates, officials in jail, as well as participants of the public who can also have something to do with these breaches.
— Babalo Ndenze, Reporter – EWN

Ndenze says a number of the interventions encompass the introduction of frame scanners.

The director standard Arthur Fraser says they have had the frame scanners for quite some time but they’re sitting there doing nothing now they’re going to make them functional.

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