Degree Online Services Telangana 2019: 2.6 lakh degree seats vacant

by Lionel Casey

HYDERABAD: Even after the completion of the second phase of Degree Online Services Telangana (DOST) registrations, as many as 2.60 lakh seats in degree schools across the State are still mendacity vacant, with out grabbers.

In the second section, a meagre fifty-nine,154 seats have been allotted, of which five,000 college students simply used sliding option to get better seats.

With the TS Eamcet counselling scheduled to start from June 24, it’s far expected that at least some seats will discover grabbers within the next levels of counselling. As many as 69,049 college students had exercised web options all through the second section.

However, most effective 36,225 got seats as in keeping with their first precedence.

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